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The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 12-Visiting a Ghost Town

On the 12th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee…12 visits to a Ghost town, 11 Halloween wine charms, 10 Day of the Dead headband(s), 9 candy wreath(s), 8 dragon eggs, 7 fluffy Halloween pillow(s), 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

Today we have a treat for you and it’s not anything you make or cook. So take a seat and relax. Maybe grab some wine or hot chocolate and join me in this adventure… Let’s go on a trip to an Arizona ghost town.

Without creepy stories there would not be a real Halloween season, right? 

’twas the night before Halloween and I was really down. I was bored through my skull and wanted to get out of town.

So I looked at a map when driving from home and on the GPS pops the town of Jerome.


So I drove up the freeway with curious glee, little did I know that how spooky ‘t would be.





A town like no other, population 500 but no one had told me the town was most haunted.

With narrowing streets as high as a kite this ghost town has people that walk through the night.

A biker town with riders in a bar while others are looking to buy a cigar.


But the most interesting thing lurking up in the hill is the Asylum Hotel that was once a place to heal.


A hospital for miners during the early days of the city then abandoned and forgotten, the place was a pity.

Then one day just like magic the place once forgotten, it’s now a hotel for folks to get frightened.

The haunting begins at the hotel’s elevator. But beware of the story so hold on to your neighbor.

Now a fellow working down at the shaft got his neck cut off without warning or chat.

So when you look at the glass while you visit the shop don’t be surprised if the air temperature drops.

But there are many stories and this one I will tell, not all people are alive walking through that hotel.

There is a sad story of a mother who died she thought ’twas her daughter but she was not right.

For the daughter survived and was able to heal but the mother to this day relives that ordeal.

So if all through the night you hear a mother ‘a callin’ know that she lives in the halls of the fallen.

There are so many stories to tell you about it but it’s almost midnight and the candy is calling.

If you feel like visiting this town for Halloween know that this ghost town is not very mean.


There are many visitors living and dead, and seeing you leave makes them really really sad.

So come to this ghost town, population 500 you won’t regret it if you like going “haunting”

The real ghost town story of Jerome

I wanted to finish the series with this ghost town story because like the 12 days of Christmas ’twas an interesting story to tell.

The town is in Jerome, Arizona and it was once a miner town where in the late 1800’s and early 1900s copper was a huge source of income. 

The city once housed 15,000 people and went through ups and downs including 4 fires that destroyed half the city. But now a lot of artists make it a cute place to visit for a day trip on the weekend.


The town of Jerome is less than two hours away from Phoenix and from its hills you can see the mountains around Sedona, Arizona. It’s one of my favorite places to visit! Check it out sometime. It has so many cool ghost stories. Too many to tell!


I think nothing says Halloween like a visit to a ghost town.

I hope you enjoyed our series about “The 12 Days of Halloween”.

See you soon and Happy Halloween!




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