The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 7-Whimsical Halloween Pillow

On the 7th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee… 7 fluffy Halloween pillow(s), 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

It is day 7 of our 12 Days of Halloween series and we are decorating the house with all sorts of things we are making. Like the song in the first paragraph we have made a Halloween banner, a Keep Out sign, a Jack O’ lantern (from a jar), a creepy branch with spiders and a customized table cloth with a friendly ghost. There is something for every room in the house almost!

The living room/or bedroom should get a taste of Halloween too so I thought why not make a Halloween pillow? Or you can make several of them.

Materials for the Halloween pillow

The first thing you need for your Halloween pillow is fabric, needle and threat. I opted for a fabric I already had at home. But you can choose any fabric, any color and make any shape pillow (Round, rectangle, in the shape of the image-raven anyone?).

My choice was to make a square pillow in a fabric that looks like linen to give it a more whimsical look to it.

What if I don’t have any sewing skills?

Almost anyone can make a pillow. Even if you don’t have any sewing skills. Heck, you can even make a no-sew pillow with hot glue (although I don’t recommend it). If you wish to see how you can hand make a pillow (no sewing machine) check my post about a Mother’s Day Gift video I made.

You can see how you can just weave needle and thread into the fabric and easily make a pillow. Almost no skill required. Also, if the weaving is not perfect or you decide to make stitching that looks like, well, “stitching” it will make the pillow extra “creepylicious” for Halloween. So, no worries about perfection.

The design for the Halloween pillow

The next thing you will need is a design. I chose a cat for the design but you can choose anything you like.


You can do letters with Halloween messages (Boo, Scary, Mua-haha, etc). You can also choose a Halloween image like bats, pumpkins, ravens, you name it.

Using the same technique I used for the friendly ghost custom table cloth I made a stamp with my cat design.


Isn’t it adorbs?!

Now, you must be thinking, where is the tail and the whiskers? Well, because the tail in he image I chose was so thin it would not come out right when cutting the foam for the stamp.

So I opted to “free hand” the tail. I also had a reason to do that. You will see it in a minute why. Same for the whiskers. Too thin.

Stamping the Halloween pillow

Place the pillow onto a flat surface (obviously, you don’t want to stuff the pillow yet). The easiest way to apply the stamp to the pillow is to have your paint spread on a plate. Like “Buttah”. This will ensure that you don’t have too much paint on the stamp.

I started my print from the corner of my pillow because I wanted to stagger my print. 

Nhalloween-pillow-image-of-the-stamped-catotice that with stamping you will not get perfect coverage. I wanted it to be that way. After all, Halloween is about rustic stuff. Imperfections are actually perfect!

But if you want to make your print solid, there is nothing wrong about that. In fact, I think it would look weird if you chose a raven for your design and decided to make the print faded. I think it’s cooler if it’s stark black instead.

Other options

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my cats are spoiled rotten. They sure thank you!

If you are going the “solid” print route, you should use the technique I applied in my Mexican Menu tutorial. You will be using a pencil to scratch behind the printed paper and you will trace the print onto the pillow to transfer the image on to the pillow. That way you can simply use a brush and paint it as solid as you like.

You can also use a fabric sharpie instead of paint (I found these on Amazon). It’s less messy when it comes to “leakage”.

But if you are using paint, please make sure you put a newspaper inside the pillow so it doesn’t go through to the other side.

Customizing the Halloween Pillow

Remember when I mentioned I did not put a tail and whiskers on my stamp? The first reason was that the tail was too thin to cut on the foam. But the other reason was that I wanted the tail on each cat to go to a different direction. I thought it would look adorbs!


I used my sharpie to draw each tail going in different directions and the whiskers. If you are concerned about “free handing” the tail you can practice by drawing “hearts” on a piece to paper to practice. The hearts you draw should have an extra curve on the tip where the lines meet at the top.

Notice that the tail is actually a “heart” cut in half. After you practice, if you are still not confident you can choose your best tail design from the practice paper and scratch the back of it with a pencil and transfer that design to the pillow. Easy!

Closing the deal, I mean, the Halloween pillow

After your print is done and the paint is dried you can fill your pillow with polyfil (you can get that online here).

Another option is to get old t-shirts and sweaters you don’t wear anymore to stuff the pillow if you’re looking to use materials from around the house. The only thing about that is that you have to be careful about lumps. 

Close the opening on the pillow with a “blind” seam.


You just have to fold the edges in and weave the needle and thread until you get to the end of the opening being careful that the thread doesn’t show on the printed side of the pillow.

Actually, to make things easy, after you sew the pillow you want to iron it to make it very flat. This will make it easy to work on the stamp or painting. But don’t forget to iron it all the way around. That way you will have your folded edges on the opening and it will be easier to close the pillow then.

I know, people, some of you can sew! But I know a lot of people who can’t even do a hem on a pair of pants but they still want to try! So bear with me.

If you are not certain about closing the pillow you can watch my Mother’s day pillow video and it shows you how to do it.

There it is! Isn’t it cute?!!! 


Notice the little mouse I added in the middle? (see the detail below). So adorbs!!! 


This pillow turned out so cute I could probably use it year-round!

Join us next tomorrow for the 8th Day of Halloween! Crazy, huh?!


Let us know what you think!