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Mother’s Day Gift: A Special Hand Made Pillow!

Mother’s Day is approaching fast and it’s time to think about a mother’s day gift.

Sometimes it’s easy when you know what she wants or likes and you can simply go to the store and buy something for her.

Other mothers are happy just getting a rock as a present (hum, painted rocks…hum, maybe another post soon?) and still cherish it for years just because you gave it to her. 

However, if money is tight and you still want to surprise mom with something special and unique and not a rock, why not surprise her with something you made just for her?

I can’t think of anything easier to make than a scented pillow! 

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If you have scraps of fabric and some foam at home you can follow this video tutorial (below) to make a cutesy pillow with a loving message for mom. You can personalize it however you want (you mother’s name, a message, a passage from a favorite book, or a saying).

You can also add a sachet or scented sheets with a nice fragrance or mom’s favorite perfume if you think she will like that. The sky is the limit!

materials for your mother’s day gift:

  • Scissors
  • scraps of fabric (size will depend on how big you want your pillow),
  • burlap or another color or type of fabric for the decorative heart,
  • lettering/stencil
  • tapestry needle (crochet needle also ok if you can crochet),
  • cute color yarn/rope (contrasting or complimenting the color or the fabric)
  • foam/filler or pillow form
  • scented sachet, scented sheets, or cotton ball with a spritz of mom’s favorite scent/perfume,
  • Sharpie to write on fabric (this is not your regular Sharpie!)
  • iron to shape the edges of your fabric.
  • bow, an old but still nice jewel, a decorative button
  • e6000 glue or hot glue can work to glue the decorative pieces on, or you can sew them on if you think the pillow will get some usage). 

So without any more delay (or rambling…) join us in this easy to follow tutorial on how to make a special scented pillow for mom. You don’t even need great sewing skills!

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day gift Ideas

If you just don’t think you have the time to make a Mother’s Day gift, you can always find something special online. Here are my favorite gift ideas:

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