amigas4all easy shelf rustic final product

Easy Rustic Corner Shelf

Hi all! It has been a while. No excuses, just busy remodeling the house. The carpet was super nasty and I had to do it. I will post pictures later but what I wanted to talk about today was this easy rustic corner shelf I made.

As you know, I was working on decorating my bar (here, here and here) and adding a few touches here and there. Since now things are getting back to normal I will be able to post more of the little projects I worked on to decorate the bar and furnish it too. Of course I added bar height tables (coming soon), knick knacks and pictures here and there (see this). I will post those soon too.

Now, certain corners in the room were a little tricky to add any furniture and as much as I looked I could not find something that would work. This one corner has the TV and I wanted to hide the wires and at the same time make that corner useful and “purdy”! The ceiling is very low in my house less than 8ft! I know!!! So the TV could not be put too high and then what could I do with that corner? I could not put a table and certain shelves looked too silly or “too polished”. It is after all, a rustic bar.

So one day strolling at the “antique joint” (it actually has a name but that’s what I call it) I saw this cute corner shelf made with rustic wood similar to pallet type wood but not quite because the boards were longer. They wanted 95 bucks for it!! What?!! No way!

The boards were good old 1x4s and I knew they were not more than $1.60 or so at the hardware store. In fact, I went even cheaper and bought the “dog eared” fence type boards. I needed about 10 boards. So 12 bucks total for it? I already had the nailer and nails. There was no way I would pay $95 for that. No way!! It was so easy to put it together. If you have a brad nailer it’s even faster but you can certainly use a drill and wood screws too. You could literally make this shelf in an hour (not counting staining and drying).

Basically, you start with the middle board and decide how tall you want it to be. I measured the height below my TV and from there I took about 4 inches from the top of the each board so they would be descending in height. I did the same for both sides.

amigas4all easy shelf rustic





After that it was a matter of putting them together. The secret is the base of the shelves. When putting it together you want to start with the side boards not counting the middle tall board. Line them up in descending order and nail or screw a board on the face of the row of boards.

amigas4all detail rustic shelf

You can add as many of these you want depending on the number of shelves you want. I just wanted 3. So I nailed three boards spaced about 1ft and 1/2 apart. I did that for both sides. Then it was time to put the shelf together. You will need some help to keep the boards at 90 degrees to measure the distance from each corner so you can cut a board with a 90 degree angle to serve as the shelf. I used the left over pieces from the cuts and used a couple of pieces to make the base shelf (horizontal). Once you add the first board and nail it to the panel of boards that’s when the shelf will finally stand on its own. 

Then the final piece will be the tall middle piece. You will nail that from the back of the shelf into the last board you used as the base shelf.

amigas4all top detail rustic shelf







And there she is! I put some painted bottles to decorate it and the top shelf holds the cable box. I drilled a hole behind it to pass all the wires and as you can see nothing is visible!! YAY!! Visible wires drive me nuts!  Oh and before I forget. I did some light sanding and used a very light stain on it. Nothing fancy. I wanted it very rustic.What do you think? I would love some feedback and I can answer any questions you may have about the assembly. Cheers!

Amigas4all corner shelf rustic with decor

Let us know what you think!