amigas4all feature flipping the bird saloon sign

How to Make a Sign with Scrap Wood

Hi All,

It has been a busy summer and I am still trying to catch up with everything after my upstairs remodel but here is an easy project for the Summer…or year round when you need a cute sign or something cool for you house, pool, man-cave, you name it.

As you know, I am still posting all the little projects I did to decorate my home bar on a budget and still give it some character. The goal in these posts is not to reinvent the wheel but a compilation of things we can find online and that can be adapted to your everyday projects or designs. So after completing a few projects like redoing the chairs (here and here), making a cool menu with an old picture frame (here) and a corner shelf (here), my next project was to make a sign for the bar.

Before anyone gets offended with the name of the bar I have to explain the background for the name. If you read my bio you will see that I rescue birds on the side. So we get them in, rehab them and find them good homes. We call it “bird flipping” just like “house flipping” that you see on tv. Also, we have a couple of African Greys that love to hang upside down anytime they can and they swing on their feet and make these funny noises like someone is killing them. No one is. It’s just play (This is Grayby on the photo below).

Amigas4all African grey flipping the bird saloon

Anyway, so because of the birds and because, admit it, it’s funny, we named the bar the “Flipping the Bird Saloon”. I wanted a sign to have a cool factor to it and be rustic at the same time. So when I went to buy the boards to make the corner shelf (here) I went to the local hardware store and they have a session in their lumber department for rejected boards. I call it my “dream pile”: knots, dings, croocked boards! Oh, my heart beats faster just talking about it!!!.

I was juamigas4all split board flipping the bird saloonst checking to see if they had anything I could use for the sign and lo and behold I found these two boards with a split in the middle and one of the splits had a curve to it. Oh, my head!! Angels started singing! OHHHHHHH!

What?! Don’t tell me, DIYers, you never had that feeling. I KNOW you did!!

I took them home and went to work. I already decided I was going to use the transfer technique I used for my menu (here) to make the sign. I also decided I wanted the sign to pop on the wall so I stained the boards with a dark stain.


amigas4all flipping the bird saloon dark stain board





Once dry I secured them together with a wood strip on the back of the boards. It would serve as a joiner piece and a place to put the hanger clips. I used liquid nail but it came off so I just used a very small screw to ensure it wouldn’t fall apart. Also the boards were very fragile and I could not apply too much force for anything. I had to be careful.

amigas4ll flipping the bird saloon wood strip back






Using the same technique from the menu (here) I chose a nice looking lettering and I also found this perfect parrot with the eyes popping that was soo freaking cool! I painted it upside down but the best part is the eye popping because it’s almost like it’s reacting to the name. Hilarious!

amigas4all transfer lettering flipping the bird saloon





amigas4all lettering flipping the bird saloon dark contour

I painted the letters white for contrast but decided give it a countour in black. it made the letter look a little more defined. Then I painted the bird (same transfer technique). Isn’t the bird hilarious?!!


amigas4all flipping the bird saloon red parrot

Finally, once dried I screwed hanging picture hooks in the back. Because the whole sign was light I was able to just use steel cable so I would not have to worry about leveling when drilling holes (sorry, no photos)





Here it is! The lettering:

amigas4all flipping the bird saloon final product wood sign





The final product:





(lighting not great here)

amigas4all wood sign flipping the bird saloon




What do you think? Let me know if you have any questions too. I would like to hear from you.


Let us know what you think!