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Decorating a Home Bar

Home Bar: Where it all Began

I decided to transform my boring formal dining room into a home bar since nobody ever looked at it.

I have a big family so I would set the table in the dining room for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other similar occasions and we always ended up in my kitchen. But what about that dining room? It’s big and I wanted to use it.

So my hubby and I started dreaming of ideas for that room. One day we both decided that a nice “Old West” home bar would be very cool.

One day we both decided that a nice “Old West” home bar would be very cool.

Since the house has a colonial style to the outside, we thought the “Old West” would be a good theme.

The search

Well, we looked online, at antique shops, left phone numbers with consignment places etc and nothing.

I even looked at two well-known free market websites (we all know which) to see if there was anything there and yeah, but they were way too pricey!!

Even custom-made ones were a fortune. I lost many nights concocting in my head how I could make the home bar counter with an antique door front, or would use wainscoting or ready-made cabinets but nothing felt right.

Found it!

Then one day I was looking for college books for a friend (long story) and I saw one of my old searches starting with “b” for backbar. Wouldn’t you know? there it was, still pricey but oh, so right!!! See the behemoth below?

Sorry! Not a great photo but we were so excited with the bar that we just started piling up the bottles from our booze cabinet without any thought to it!.

The first order of business was clean up.

It was dusty because it sat outside in weather. So I first dusted it and use a wet rag to get all the dust out. Then vacuumed to make sure there was nothing absurd left such as spiders or any critters.

I used a nice orange wax to bring moisture to the wood. It not only brought instant life but it also served as a yellowish stain since the wood was very dull looking. 

My plan is to give it a few months to get the wax fully absorbed and then I will reapply the wax to keep hydrating it.

The bar is huge and it takes almost half the room. But imagine game night in a bar like that. We will be installing a TV and add decor touches that you will learn to make right here. So follow our blog and let’s do this together!

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