Bar Stool Redo part deux

How I Brought My New “Old” Bar Stools Back To Life-Bar Decorating Part Deux!

 bar stools, DIY, restoration, furniture to life, restore furniture, restoring furniture, bar decorating, bar of our dreams, new "old" chairs, stain, how toOh! The “Wild West” home bar of our dreams …but no bar stools to match!

As you saw in part 1 of our bar decorating saga (here’s part 1) we managed to get the bar of our dreams in a bargain deal, but when we were looking for the chairs we were shocked to discover how expensive they were, especially if you wanted to use a rustic style.

Out of Our Price Range

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Some of these bar stools were more expensive than a car!! Who pays $1000 for bar stools? No offense to those who can, but seriously?! My head was going 1000 miles per hour thinking: Who in the world could pay for 5 bar stools if they were that expensive?

And the look I wanted complicated things. I wanted something “Old West” or Rustic style like this:

bar stool redo image sample

The price wasn’t bad but I just could not afford 5 of them. So, I looked here, there and everywhere for something similar. 

How We Found Our Bar Stools!!

I engaged the help of my research queen and friend “McGiver” Carol. She lives in a place where there are a lot of Mexican goodies including rustic furniture, just the way I needed.

She searched a little bit and wouldn’t you know, she found them! And after a little bit of back and forth, she was able to buy them for $35 each! Guess how much these are brand new? 260 bucks! 

The bar stools looked perfect in the room (Here are some more pictures). They were only selling 4 stools but we figured out later that 5 bar stools would have looked a little cluttered.

Especially when you add two more tables and bar stools around them as I later did (see my posts for table 1 here and table 2 here).

Getting the bar stools refinished

The first thing I needed to do was give them a good scrubbing.

Once that was done the bar stools were ready to be restored. I mean, ready to be stained.

Note that the wooden seat in one of the chairs was deformed and the other was separated.

I could have just replaced the wooden seats with a new wood base, but I thought that even if I sanded all the wood around the legs and back, they would never match the rest of the chair no matter how much I tried. I later decided to upholster the seats (here’s how I did it)

But before that, I started by nailing the warped seat to level it a little. Even if the seat was not perfectly level the foam and fabric would certainly hide the problem. 

The other bar stools had other minor imperfections and they were easy to fix. But once the bar stools were stained they would still have some “character” since they would still show that they had a previous life somewhere.

In other words, they would not be the cookie cutter stuff you find with faux rustic stuff. These were the real deal. Especially because the wood in my bar is completely rustic. It has even wormwood holes in it!

Love rustic everything!!!

The next task was to stain them. I opted for two colors of stain: one to bring life to the wood – Minwax Wood Finish Stain- Color Provincial 211 (a little more yellow). Then Minwax Wood Finish Stain – Color Red Chestnut 232, a more reddish color to change the pale appearance and match at least some points of the wood in my bar (see).

So here’s the final product! I know it’s hard to see but these chairs were very dull and ready to crack because of dehydration.

bar stools, DIY, restoration, furniture to life, restore furniture, restoring furniture, bar decorating, bar of our dreams, new "old" chairs, stain, how to

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