12 Days of Halloween – Part 2-Custom Stamp Table Cloth

On the second day of Halloween my true love said to meeee….2 friendly ghosts…a lot of candy in a bag-eeee.

So here we are on part 2 of our 12 days of Halloween where we show you some cool and easy projects/ideas to decorate your house for this fun holiday.

Today I will show you how you can customize a cheap dollar store table cloth (they say cloth but, of course, it’s all plastic- but you can use fabric too!).

For this Halloween project you will need:

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  • Table cloth of your choice. I chose a black table cloth (round, square or rectangular-Any shape will do). You can also pick white, orange or any Halloween colors.
  • Acrylic paint (the color will depend on the color of your table cloth and design you are going for).
  • Foam roller or brush.
  • EVA foam (you can buy that a Joann’s) to make a stamp. You can use other materials like cardboard or card stock paper but EVA will have the right density for a better result.
  • A fine blade box cutter.
  • A printed design. You can choose the design online or you can even free-hand it. I chose a little ghost for a spooky effect against the black table cloth.
  • Cardboard or a block of wood (your stamp base)
  • Tacky glue

How you make the stamp

After you selected your design (you can print it or copy it), cut around it and place it over the foam.

Halloween Custom Made Table cloth stamped amigas4all

Using the box cutter carefully cut the details of your design making sure you have crisp lines or your design will come out blurry or misshapen once you apply paint.

Halloween Decor Stamp base amigas4all

Apply tacky glue on the back of your design and glue it to the piece of cardboard or block of wood. Allow the glue to dry (give it about 15 mins). Voila! Your stamp is ready!

Halloween Stamp custom table cloth design

This is a two-fer project. You just learned how to make a stamp and now you can apply that skill to make your table cloth project. How cool is that?!

Now that your stamp is ready, open the table cloth in a smooth surface. I used my kitchen counter (easier on the back since I can stand up while stamping). Since I could not fit the whole table cloth on the counter top I just kept rotating it.

The stamping process 

Halloween-table-cloth-stamp-amigas4allApply paint to the surface of your stamp spreading the paint evenly (make sure you remove all the excess paint from the edges or your stamp will “leak” the design).

halloween-stamp-hand-ruler-amigas4allSince I was just stamping the edge of the table cloth I simply stamped it and then I used my hand as a ruler to separate the print and make sure that the spacing was even throughout the table cloth.

Nothing prevents you from stamping the whole table cloth. You can do random stamping or line it all up diagonally. You can also start in the middle (if you are using a round cloth) and either do a spiral or circles. Like I always say:“The sky is the limit!”

The paint dries pretty quickly and before you know it you have a custom made table cloth.


Here’s the little guy! Note that the stamp will not be perfect on the plastic. The plastic tends to stick to the paint and it lifts with the stamp. Do your best to hold the table cloth before lifting the stamp. If you want perfection you can certainly go back and fill in any gaps in the print.

But it doesn’t have to be perfect and it makes it for a creepy looking ghost, Don’t you think?

And here is the final product. Very creepylicious!!


This is a project you can certainly brag about since no one else will have one like it. The best part is: you didn’t spend that much to have something unique.

What did you think? Easy, right?

Tomorrow’s project is a surprise. Easy and cheap decor that your guests and your pocket will love.


Let us know what you think!