The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 3-Creepy Branches for a Mighty Good Time!

On the 3rd day of Halloween my true love said to meeee…3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…a lot of candy in a bag-eeee! (sorry, I’m having way too much fun doing this).

Today’s project is soooo easy, it’s almost ridiculous!

It starts with a scavenger hunt through your backyard. The first “ingredient” for this project is to find dried tree branches. So all you have to do is walk around the yard or the nearest park and find cool looking dried branches with lots of, well, branches!


Be sure to get branches of various sizes but depending on what you want to do you can find big ones to put them in corners around the house or smaller ones for center pieces or wall decor.

A Pop of Color to the branch

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The next step is to spray paint them. Make sure the branches are clean and free of leaves or the paint won’t stick that well. You can select any color spray paint. For my project I chose a silver color paint for a pop of ice! But imagine if those branches were black, or white with a glow in the dark coat over the white color. So creepylicious!!

To add creepiness to the whole project you can add some spider webs to the branches. If you’re too lazy to leave the house you can buy them here. Make sure you stretch the webbing very well so it doesn’t leave any “cotton” puffs in any areas, otherwise it will look fake (well, er, less “natural”).

spider-web-halloween branches-amigas4all

The Cherry on Top of the branches

The final piece that will add that extra special “touch” to this project is  a spider!! Or spiders! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Not a real one, silly!! I would be getting my swatter right now if I saw one. Just get some realistic-looking PLASTIC spiders and add them to the webbing and Voila!!

spider-web-halloween branches-final-amigas4all

A creepy looking branch or branches that are easy to make and add a lot to the Halloween decor. Like I said before, place them on a table top or a strategic corner for a creepy good time! I can already see my guests jumping when they come across the spider webs! HEHEHE! (Mua-haha!).

You can add other creatures like roaches or glow in the dark spiders and hang them on the front door with a Happy Halloween sign for a nice front door decor (Can you imagine?!!!). Or hang several of these branches around a light fixture for a nightmarish-looking chandelier.

So many options, so little time!!

How did you like this project? Easy, right?! 

I will see you tomorrow for our next fun project for the 12 Days of Halloween



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