The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 4- Jack O’ Lantern!

On the 4th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee…4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

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Today’s project is very simple to do and you can use your creativity to make even cooler designs. All you need is an empty jar (like tomato sauce, olives, whatever), some paint, brushes, hammer, nail, yarn/ribbon/rope, tape, a sharpie and a box cutter/blade. Don’t forget the candle! (electronic only please! You can get them online here).

I will show you how to make a Jack O’ Lantern out of a glass jar. But you can make any other Halloween designs you want. Maybe a vampire? Or a friendly ghost, a candy corn with googly eyes? A black cat?

There are so many options and they are only limited by your creativity. So let’s get to it.

Prepping Jack O’ Lantern

The first thing you want to do is remove all the labels. Easy to do with some soaking in warm water and if there is any left over glue you can use alcohol to remove it. Dry the jar and top completely.


Choose your design and mark it with a sharpie. In this case, I drew eyes and a mouth with some funny teeth to represent Jack O’ Lantern.


Then I covered the eye and mouth with tape. Using a box cutter I contoured the eyes and mouth to cut of the excess tape.


The goal of the tape is to protect the areas I don’t want the paint to cover. This will allow the glass to remain clear and the candle light to shine through.

Now for the jar lid, you will need a hammer and a nail to pierce two holes onto the lid so you can add a handle to your lantern. But don’t add the rope just yet.



Since I am making a Jack O’ Lantern, I painted the lid green. But if you decide to make a vampire, paint the top black for the hair. Or white for a ghost and so on.

jack o lantern green lid amigas4all

 As for the jar, I painted it orange just like a pumpkin. You should paint over everything inclujack-o-lantern-orange-jar-amigas4allding over the tape. Paint as many coats as necessary to cover the whole thing. If you want it a little more transparent you can use one coat of paint only.

I used acrylic paint for a good coverage but you can make it extra special with glass paint and the glass will be clear but with a tint of the color you chose for your design.

Finishing touches for JAck O’ Lantern

After the paint dries, remove the tape carefully to reveal the clear glass for the eyes and mouth. As for the lid, run your choice of handle (ribbon/rope/yarn) through the holes and tie a double knot under the lid on both ends.


I chose this cute ribbon for my handle. But here are some more Halloween choices of ribbon for the handle.

Now, since this will be a closed jar, you must use an electronic candle. A regular candle will not remain lit without oxygen (lid closed).

If you insist on lighting a real candle then don’t use a lid and you will need to tie the handle a little differently to make sure the glass doesn’t slide off the rope or the rope catches on fire.

If you are using it as a table top then you don’t need a handle and a real candle should be ok. But watch out for heat. I think it’s safest with the e-candle. Especially, if there are kids around.

If you are skipping the lid then you can just decorate the screw top part of the jar with a ribbon for a nice finish. Or simply paint that part as if it were the top (for example, a green stripe to represent the top of the pumpkin.

And heeeeere’s Jack! With lights on and off for a special Halloween mood!



Hang your cool Jack O’ Lantern in a prominent spot and get ready to brag! I’m sure the kids will love it!

The best part is: You can use it again next year!

See you tomorrow for another fun Halloween project!



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