The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 7-Whimsical Halloween Pillow

On the 7th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee… 7 fluffy Halloween pillow(s), 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

It is day 7 of our 12 Days of Halloween series and we are decorating the house with all sorts of things we are making. Like the song in the first paragraph we have made a Halloween banner, a Keep Out sign, a Jack O’ lantern (from a jar), a creepy branch with spiders and a customized table cloth with a friendly ghost. There is something for every room in the house almost!

The living room/or bedroom should get a taste of Halloween too so I thought why not make a Halloween pillow? Or you can make several of them.

Materials for the Halloween pillow

The first thing you need for your Halloween pillow is fabric, needle and threat. I opted for a fabric I already had at home. But you can choose any fabric, any color and make any shape pillow (Round, rectangle, in the shape of the image-raven anyone?).

My choice was to make a square pillow in a fabric that looks like linen to give it a more whimsical look to it.

What if I don’t have any sewing skills?

Almost anyone can make a pillow. Even if you don’t have any sewing skills. Heck, you can even make a no-sew pillow with hot glue (although I don’t recommend it). If you wish to see how you can hand make a pillow (no sewing machine) check my post about a Mother’s Day Gift video I made.

You can see how you can just weave needle and thread into the fabric and easily make a pillow. Almost no skill required. Also, if the weaving is not perfect or you decide to make stitching that looks like, well, “stitching” it will make the pillow extra “creepylicious” for Halloween. So, no worries about perfection.

The design for the Halloween pillow

The next thing you will need is a design. I chose a cat for the design but you can choose anything you like.


You can do letters with Halloween messages (Boo, Scary, Mua-haha, etc). You can also choose a Halloween image like bats, pumpkins, ravens, you name it.

Using the same technique I used for the friendly ghost custom table cloth I made a stamp with my cat design.


Isn’t it adorbs?!

Now, you must be thinking, where is the tail and the whiskers? Well, because the tail in he image I chose was so thin it would not come out right when cutting the foam for the stamp.

So I opted to “free hand” the tail. I also had a reason to do that. You will see it in a minute why. Same for the whiskers. Too thin.

Stamping the Halloween pillow

Place the pillow onto a flat surface (obviously, you don’t want to stuff the pillow yet). The easiest way to apply the stamp to the pillow is to have your paint spread on a plate. Like “Buttah”. This will ensure that you don’t have too much paint on the stamp.

I started my print from the corner of my pillow because I wanted to stagger my print. 

Nhalloween-pillow-image-of-the-stamped-catotice that with stamping you will not get perfect coverage. I wanted it to be that way. After all, Halloween is about rustic stuff. Imperfections are actually perfect!

But if you want to make your print solid, there is nothing wrong about that. In fact, I think it would look weird if you chose a raven for your design and decided to make the print faded. I think it’s cooler if it’s stark black instead.

Other options

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my cats are spoiled rotten. They sure thank you!

If you are going the “solid” print route, you should use the technique I applied in my Mexican Menu tutorial. You will be using a pencil to scratch behind the printed paper and you will trace the print onto the pillow to transfer the image on to the pillow. That way you can simply use a brush and paint it as solid as you like.

You can also use a fabric sharpie instead of paint (I found these on Amazon). It’s less messy when it comes to “leakage”.

But if you are using paint, please make sure you put a newspaper inside the pillow so it doesn’t go through to the other side.

Customizing the Halloween Pillow

Remember when I mentioned I did not put a tail and whiskers on my stamp? The first reason was that the tail was too thin to cut on the foam. But the other reason was that I wanted the tail on each cat to go to a different direction. I thought it would look adorbs!


I used my sharpie to draw each tail going in different directions and the whiskers. If you are concerned about “free handing” the tail you can practice by drawing “hearts” on a piece to paper to practice. The hearts you draw should have an extra curve on the tip where the lines meet at the top.

Notice that the tail is actually a “heart” cut in half. After you practice, if you are still not confident you can choose your best tail design from the practice paper and scratch the back of it with a pencil and transfer that design to the pillow. Easy!

Closing the deal, I mean, the Halloween pillow

After your print is done and the paint is dried you can fill your pillow with polyfil (you can get that online here).

Another option is to get old t-shirts and sweaters you don’t wear anymore to stuff the pillow if you’re looking to use materials from around the house. The only thing about that is that you have to be careful about lumps. 

Close the opening on the pillow with a “blind” seam.


You just have to fold the edges in and weave the needle and thread until you get to the end of the opening being careful that the thread doesn’t show on the printed side of the pillow.

Actually, to make things easy, after you sew the pillow you want to iron it to make it very flat. This will make it easy to work on the stamp or painting. But don’t forget to iron it all the way around. That way you will have your folded edges on the opening and it will be easier to close the pillow then.

I know, people, some of you can sew! But I know a lot of people who can’t even do a hem on a pair of pants but they still want to try! So bear with me.

If you are not certain about closing the pillow you can watch my Mother’s day pillow video and it shows you how to do it.

There it is! Isn’t it cute?!!! 


Notice the little mouse I added in the middle? (see the detail below). So adorbs!!! 


This pillow turned out so cute I could probably use it year-round!

Join us next tomorrow for the 8th Day of Halloween! Crazy, huh?!



The 12 Days of Halloween- Part 6 – Halloween Banner

On the 6th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee… 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

A Halloween decor series would not be complete without a Halloween banner. How else would we know it’s Halloween?! LOL. As if we could forget!

Today’s project is very easy to make (I know, I say that every time!) and you can make it with materials you have around the house. So, let’s get to it!

Materials for the Halloween banner 

I chose to make a Halloween banner with triangles as a base. It’s cute and it gives the banner some character instead of a straight banner. I also didn’t want rectangles or squares. So triangles it is!

Now that I chose the shape, I had to decide the material I was going to use as a base. Since I always have burlap on hand and Halloween is about rustic, creepy materials, nothing says Halloween banner like burlap!

The first thing I did was cut the triangles.


You can decide on the size you want for your Halloween banner depending on where you are hanging it. Mine is going to be in the kitchen window, most likely. So I chose to cut my triangles at about 10in in size. That’s 10in from the pointy tip to the top.

Letters and wording 

You can choose any wording for your Halloween banner. I chose Happy Halloween. But you can say anything you like: “Trick or Treat”, “Boo”, “Here lies…”, etc. Once you figure out how many letters your banner will have then you will know how many triangles to cut.

And just because I chose triangles for the base, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose another shape.

It’s very easy to make the letters. Just like in part 5 of the 12 Days of Halloween series, you can use any word processor to make them. Be sure to adjust the size of the letter based on the size of your base. In this case, my base was 10in and my letters are about 2 1/2in tall and in bold.

Transferring the letters to the Burlap

I chose burlap because I had a lot of it and I thought I would be cool for my Halloween banner. But you can choose any fabric you like. You can do it in black burlap or fabric. You can even use newspaper! Orange fabric with purple letters would be cool too. White base for black letters also works.

Now, to transfer the letters onto the burlap is very easy. After choosing the font and size of your letters, print them in as many pages as necessary to accommodate the size of the letter. Then put the printed paper with the letter(s) under the burlap.


As you know, the weaving in burlap is so open that you can see the letters from underneath. Use a sharpie to trace the letters.

If your letters are hollow and you want to paint them you certainly can do that. I chose to make the letters all in black. So all I did was trace them and then I filled the letters with my sharpie. Easy enough!

Hanging each letter

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my cats are spoiled rotten. They sure thank you!

To make sure that my letters were properly displayed I chose a couple of cute ribbons as my base for the Halloween banner (you can get some cute ones online here).

Then you can choose if you want to fold the top of the triangle and glue it with some space to run a rope through it. Or use hot glue, tacky glue or even school glue instead. I chose the tacky glue (too lazy to wait for the hot glue gun to warm up).

Halloween-banner-letter-spacing-amigas4allI spaced each letter by placing my hand in between each letter. Then I put some glue on the top square of the triangle and put the ribbon on top.

Image of the ribbon Halloween-banner-ribbon-amigas4allNotice I used one color ribbon for “Happy” and another color ribbon for “Halloween”. Aren’t they cute?

Hanging the Halloween Banner

Image of the Halloween-banner-hanging outside-amigas4all

I hung the Halloween Banner on a glass window to show you how it looks in better lighting. This is not where it’s going. But you can see the final product (I know the lighting is not that great)

Here’s the banner in a dark background (My counter top. Sigh).

Image of the Halloween-banner on the countertop-amigas4all

And here’s a little close up of the top banner

Image of the Halloween-banner-closeup-amigas4all

What do you think?

I had a lot of fun doing this banner. It was easy, clean (except for some glue on the counter top) and very quick! Great for those trying to decorate the house and don’t have the time to run to the store.

Pfeew! We passed the halfway mark of our 12 Days of Halloween already! Time flies when you are having fun.

Join me tomorrow for more Halloween decor ideas. Cheers!


The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 5-Halloween Keep Out Sign

On the 5th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee…5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

Usually you want to invite your guests in to your house by hanging a “Welcome” sign on the front door.

But Halloween is about fun and scaring “trick or treaters”. So today, we are going to make a fun and spooky-licious “Keep Out” sign.

Materials for the keep out sign

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my foster birds have a home until they find their forever family

The first thing you are going to need is a base for your Keep Out sign. You can find a piece of dried out board like the one I chose.


Another option is cardboard, an old discarded cabinet door. Anything that can be a surface for a sign.

The idea is that the Keep Out sign looks kinda creepy. You can certainly use something cutesy if you like but I wanted to make something a little more rustic. So an old board it is!

Of course, no sign can exist without paint

I used acrylic paint because it holds really well in any weather once it’s dried. The coverage is also a lot better than most paints (here’s a good place to get a paint kit).

The next materials you will need are: a sharpie, chalk, brushes, tape and ribbon/yarn/rope to hang the sign. If you wish to give it an extra sparkle, you can use 3D fabric glitter paint (this is what I used).

Making the letters

Finally, you will need printed letters for your sign. I used the transfer method I applied on my Mexican menu project but you can free hand it or use a stencil. To make the letters in the computer you can use any word processing software.

Be sure to measure your base to see how big your letters will need to be. Pick a cool font with bold letters to make sure the wording will stand out. My sign was about 33 inches long. So I figured if my letters fit in two 8×11 sheets of paper the letters would be the right size.


After your print the letters, transfer them onto your base by scratching the back of the paper with chalk and then tracing the letters with a pencil. Be sure to use tape to hold the sheet of paper in place. That way you know the letters will also be in the right place.


Before you remove the tape, lift one corner of the paper to make sure your tracing is visible enough for you to see.

Painting The keep out sign

Paint the letters with the color(s) you selected. Then use the sharpie to trace the outlines. You will see the letters pop!


After the paint is dried you can use glitter paint matching the color of your letters.

This will give the sign that extra sparkle!

Reuse, Recycle

Now, remember our friendly ghost stamp from our Halloween table cloth project? Well, I decided to use the stamp again on the Keep Out sign. So I stamped one ghost on the top and one at the bottom of the sign.

I also added a couple of bats and a black cat. But you can add anything you want. You can even add a Jack O’ Lantern or a vampire!



The final touch is the ribbon/yarn/rope to hang the sign. You can drill a hole to add the rope to the sign. Or use a hot glue gun if you don’t have a drill around.

Kinda cool, huh? Hang it on the front door and get ready for some “trick or treating” fun!

Join me tomorrow for our next Halloween project!



The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 4- Jack O’ Lantern!

On the 4th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee…4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my foster birds have a home until they find their forever family

Today’s project is very simple to do and you can use your creativity to make even cooler designs. All you need is an empty jar (like tomato sauce, olives, whatever), some paint, brushes, hammer, nail, yarn/ribbon/rope, tape, a sharpie and a box cutter/blade. Don’t forget the candle! (electronic only please! You can get them online here).

I will show you how to make a Jack O’ Lantern out of a glass jar. But you can make any other Halloween designs you want. Maybe a vampire? Or a friendly ghost, a candy corn with googly eyes? A black cat?

There are so many options and they are only limited by your creativity. So let’s get to it.

Prepping Jack O’ Lantern

The first thing you want to do is remove all the labels. Easy to do with some soaking in warm water and if there is any left over glue you can use alcohol to remove it. Dry the jar and top completely.


Choose your design and mark it with a sharpie. In this case, I drew eyes and a mouth with some funny teeth to represent Jack O’ Lantern.


Then I covered the eye and mouth with tape. Using a box cutter I contoured the eyes and mouth to cut of the excess tape.


The goal of the tape is to protect the areas I don’t want the paint to cover. This will allow the glass to remain clear and the candle light to shine through.

Now for the jar lid, you will need a hammer and a nail to pierce two holes onto the lid so you can add a handle to your lantern. But don’t add the rope just yet.



Since I am making a Jack O’ Lantern, I painted the lid green. But if you decide to make a vampire, paint the top black for the hair. Or white for a ghost and so on.

jack o lantern green lid amigas4all

 As for the jar, I painted it orange just like a pumpkin. You should paint over everything inclujack-o-lantern-orange-jar-amigas4allding over the tape. Paint as many coats as necessary to cover the whole thing. If you want it a little more transparent you can use one coat of paint only.

I used acrylic paint for a good coverage but you can make it extra special with glass paint and the glass will be clear but with a tint of the color you chose for your design.

Finishing touches for JAck O’ Lantern

After the paint dries, remove the tape carefully to reveal the clear glass for the eyes and mouth. As for the lid, run your choice of handle (ribbon/rope/yarn) through the holes and tie a double knot under the lid on both ends.


I chose this cute ribbon for my handle. But here are some more Halloween choices of ribbon for the handle.

Now, since this will be a closed jar, you must use an electronic candle. A regular candle will not remain lit without oxygen (lid closed).

If you insist on lighting a real candle then don’t use a lid and you will need to tie the handle a little differently to make sure the glass doesn’t slide off the rope or the rope catches on fire.

If you are using it as a table top then you don’t need a handle and a real candle should be ok. But watch out for heat. I think it’s safest with the e-candle. Especially, if there are kids around.

If you are skipping the lid then you can just decorate the screw top part of the jar with a ribbon for a nice finish. Or simply paint that part as if it were the top (for example, a green stripe to represent the top of the pumpkin.

And heeeeere’s Jack! With lights on and off for a special Halloween mood!



Hang your cool Jack O’ Lantern in a prominent spot and get ready to brag! I’m sure the kids will love it!

The best part is: You can use it again next year!

See you tomorrow for another fun Halloween project!




12 Days of Halloween – Part 2-Custom Stamp Table Cloth

On the second day of Halloween my true love said to meeee….2 friendly ghosts…a lot of candy in a bag-eeee.

So here we are on part 2 of our 12 days of Halloween where we show you some cool and easy projects/ideas to decorate your house for this fun holiday.

Today I will show you how you can customize a cheap dollar store table cloth (they say cloth but, of course, it’s all plastic- but you can use fabric too!).

For this Halloween project you will need:

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links at no extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my cats are fed their favorite snacks. They sure thank you!

  • Table cloth of your choice. I chose a black table cloth (round, square or rectangular-Any shape will do). You can also pick white, orange or any Halloween colors.
  • Acrylic paint (the color will depend on the color of your table cloth and design you are going for).
  • Foam roller or brush.
  • EVA foam (you can buy that a Joann’s) to make a stamp. You can use other materials like cardboard or card stock paper but EVA will have the right density for a better result.
  • A fine blade box cutter.
  • A printed design. You can choose the design online or you can even free-hand it. I chose a little ghost for a spooky effect against the black table cloth.
  • Cardboard or a block of wood (your stamp base)
  • Tacky glue

How you make the stamp

After you selected your design (you can print it or copy it), cut around it and place it over the foam.

Halloween Custom Made Table cloth stamped amigas4all

Using the box cutter carefully cut the details of your design making sure you have crisp lines or your design will come out blurry or misshapen once you apply paint.

Halloween Decor Stamp base amigas4all

Apply tacky glue on the back of your design and glue it to the piece of cardboard or block of wood. Allow the glue to dry (give it about 15 mins). Voila! Your stamp is ready!

Halloween Stamp custom table cloth design

This is a two-fer project. You just learned how to make a stamp and now you can apply that skill to make your table cloth project. How cool is that?!

Now that your stamp is ready, open the table cloth in a smooth surface. I used my kitchen counter (easier on the back since I can stand up while stamping). Since I could not fit the whole table cloth on the counter top I just kept rotating it.

The stamping process 

Halloween-table-cloth-stamp-amigas4allApply paint to the surface of your stamp spreading the paint evenly (make sure you remove all the excess paint from the edges or your stamp will “leak” the design).

halloween-stamp-hand-ruler-amigas4allSince I was just stamping the edge of the table cloth I simply stamped it and then I used my hand as a ruler to separate the print and make sure that the spacing was even throughout the table cloth.

Nothing prevents you from stamping the whole table cloth. You can do random stamping or line it all up diagonally. You can also start in the middle (if you are using a round cloth) and either do a spiral or circles. Like I always say:“The sky is the limit!”

The paint dries pretty quickly and before you know it you have a custom made table cloth.


Here’s the little guy! Note that the stamp will not be perfect on the plastic. The plastic tends to stick to the paint and it lifts with the stamp. Do your best to hold the table cloth before lifting the stamp. If you want perfection you can certainly go back and fill in any gaps in the print.

But it doesn’t have to be perfect and it makes it for a creepy looking ghost, Don’t you think?

And here is the final product. Very creepylicious!!


This is a project you can certainly brag about since no one else will have one like it. The best part is: you didn’t spend that much to have something unique.

What did you think? Easy, right?

Tomorrow’s project is a surprise. Easy and cheap decor that your guests and your pocket will love.



The 12 Days of Halloween

On the first day of Halloween my true love said to meeeee…A lot of candies in a bag-eeee! (I know. I was trying to rhyme!).

Wait a minute, lady! October first was yesterday and you’re starting the 12 days of Halloween on the second of October? YES!! I AM!!

There is a good reason for that. The 12th day of Halloween ends on the 13th! MUA-HAHA!

It’s that time of the year again where ghouls and ghosts abound. It’s time to decorate the house and bring out the coolest indoor and outdoor decor. Pumpkins, skulls, bones, witches all around!

In this series, the plan is to give you 12 cool ideas for your Halloween decor.

These will be simple projects that you can do with items that you may have around or you can buy them at the craft store. I found of lot of these items online and you don’t even have to leave the house. Great huh?!

Anyway, today we are going to talk about ideas. Isn’t the whole series about decor ideas? Yes! BUT…

The Big Picture

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links at no extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my cats are fed their favorite snacks. They sure thank you!

The first day of Halloween will be about the big picture, that is, what exactly are you going to do for Halloween this year? Are you planning to have a party at your house or just decorate it but go to someone else’s party?

Or are you just going to trick or treat with the kids and all you care about is an easy costume that you can make with stuff from your closet (or linen cabinet)?

When planning the big picture make sure that you write down your ideas for this year. Make a list of costume ideas, foods to serve at your party or that you want to take to someone else’s party.

Add ideas about creepy looking drinks or snacks. A lot of them can be bought online. Check out these Unfortunate Fortune Cookies. So cool!


And I will be serving it on this fabulous looking cookie jar from World Market (Sorry but I love that place!). I can’t wait to see the faces of my guests when they open their fortune er, “unfortunate” cookie!


Aside from costumes and food, pick a theme for your party and/or home decor.

If you have been following my blog you’ve probably seen my home bar (check it out!). The theme is “Day of the Dead”.

halloween amigas4all day of the dead napkin

The inspiration was a napkin I found online (here, if you’re curious) and from there I decorated my bar with all things “Day of the Dead“. I have a fabulous Catrina doll made of porcelain and she takes a prominent spot in my bar.

I also found a skeleton apron (very appropriate!)


and coasters you can learn to make here (click link)

Halloween Day of the dead decor amigas4all coasters inspiration

and even a bottle of wine with Day of the Dead mariachis. Isn’t that the coolest thing?!!

halloween-12-days-bottle-mariachi amigas4all


You can pick any theme: ghosts, creepy super-heroes, skeletons, vampires, the sky is the limit. Once you pick a theme, then develop a plan for the decor. Do you want things hanging on your windows, if so what exactly? Do you want things on the wall or just on top of the furniture?

Don’t forget to decorate the light fixtures (cobwebs are a good way to “creepify” the house. Also spiders, hanging bats or skeletons.

For the party, don’t forget to pick a cool and creepy table cloth. if you don’t have time to find one you can certainly make one very easily with a “cheapie” from the dollar store (Tomorrow’s tutorial)

Don’t forget the outside!

While you can decorate the yard with the obvious stuff like headstones or Jack o’ lanterns, you can certainly create a very cool Halloween “wonderland” with flashing lights, ghostly figures made of fabric or burlap, or bodies made with black plastic bags and tape and hanging from a tree; more spider webs; tunnels for “trick or treaters” to go through to get to the candy (nothing creepy or you will scare the little ones).

The Most Important Thing of Them All: Halloween Candy!

Finally, don’t forget the candy. Make sure the presentation is fun. Don’t just wait ’til the kids ring the bell: Get a cool receptacle like a trunk with dry ice or a fog machine for a spookylicious effect.

Or try putting a table or an over sized box in front of the gate or front door and dress it with a black table cloth with a bowl on top. Cut up a hole on the table (or a board over 2 chairs – let’s not destroy good furniture).

Then cut up a hole on the bowl too so a person under the table or box can hand out candy to the kids as if the hand was inside the bowl! Try wearing a black glove or a creepy plastic glove for a special “trick”. This is much cooler (and cheaper) than buying those animatronic bowls (but if you insist on getting those you can find them here). Don’t forget to cut up some holes in the back for you to breathe, of course!

So there, day one of the 12 Days of Halloween is all about the planning.

To Recap:

  • Decide the “Big Picture” – Party? Theme? Costume? What/Who? What to Serve?
  • Narrow Down the Food and Decor. Creepy foods and drinks are cool. Also, creepify the house!
  • Presentation is key. Use creativity when serving foods. Trunks, skulls shaped bowls will give the party an extra twist.
  • Don’t forget the candy. Do I really have to explain this one?!  😆 

Tomorrow, we will work on the first project: Customizing a table cloth!



amigas4all Halloween day of the dead canva free

Halloween Coasters With A Day Of The Dead Theme

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. This is how I feed my fur and feather babies and how I make sure my foster birds can have a safe place to stay until they find a forever home

Halloween is just around the corner and I love creating crafts with unexpected things (I guess they call it re-purposing). It’s so cool and sometimes cheaper and since the celebrations only last about a few weeks and culminates in one big day I think not spending much on holiday decor it’s a good thing.


My inspiration for this craft is my Mexican themed home bar. Well, maybe the other way around.

It all started last year with Halloween. My home bar still had no actual decor. Just a big rustic counter and back bar and some booze on it.

As I was decorating the house for a Halloween party I found these cool Day of the Dead napkins. I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could make this the theme of the bar?” .

halloween amigas4all day of the dead napkin

So, I decided to buy several packets of them and there it was: My bar finally had a theme! And if someone orders a drink, they get a napkin!

Since then I have added all sorts of Day of the Dead decor to the bar. But the napkins started it all! Who knew a napkin could be so inspiring?!

Halloween Craft

So, back to the Halloween craft: When it was time to create coasters for the bar I wanted something to follow the same theme. Of course, my Day of the Dead bar theme is year-round but this craft works perfectly for Halloween.

We all like to throw parties for Halloween but we don’t like the glass rings left on our special furniture! Argh! It drives me nuts seeing those. While the cheap thing to do is to use a napkin I think they can’t handle the job if the glass is sweating with cold iced water for example. So coasters are the answer to the problem.

Choosing your Halloween Theme

I was looking for some ideas for coasters. Boy, there are so many! But I came across these very cool tiles with the Day of the Dead theme while visiting an Old West town near my city. Now, unless you live in a part of the country you can easily get these Mexican tiles anywhere (I’m in Arizona) you will probably need to get them online.

Halloween Day of the dead decor amigas4all coasters inspiration

I thought, how cool are these!? They would make the perfect coasters for the bar!

The only problem with them is that they had a rough back and they would scratch the furniture. Not cool!

The solution was to glue pieces of felt to the back of the tiles with some heavy duty glue. Just make sure you cut up the felt just a tad smaller than the actual tile so you don’t see the felt sticking out from under the piece. I always have some felt handy in case I need to create something last minute (more post ideas for the future, yay!)

Halloween decor amigas4all coasters day of the dead Felt squares

Other options

If you can’t find these types of tiles in your area or are too in a hurry, you can totally make them! You can go to the home improvement store and buy 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 white subway tiles for about 40 cents or so each and paint them with your theme.

You will need tile primer to make sure the paint sticks to the tile, chalk paint (you can make this), a stamp (with the right supplies you can make this too!) or a transfer for the design. You will also need a good quality clear polyurethane to seal them (looks like a lot of future posts are coming up! You guys keep giving me all these ideas!!).

But you’re not limited to tiles, you can pretty much use anything that has a sturdy surface as a base: thin wood strips, lids, cardboard, cut up cereal boxes, etc. Especially, if these are for a temporary purpose like Halloween.

Once you choose your base (tile, wood, etc), you can print or draw a theme on the surface. You can use a transfer technique (on this link I show you how to make a transfer in your own house printer. So easy!).

You can cut squares or rounds and you can seal it with a polyurethane sealant or even good old white glue. So many choices, so little time!!

Activities with the kids?

How about engaging the kiddos to work on this project? These seasonal crafts are great to enhance their creativity. Imagine them drawing on a piece of cardboard or tile (after the primer, of course) and you can seal their design forever! “Hum, Christmas coasters or tree pendants anyone?”

The point is: coasters are easy to make and with a little creativity they can turn your holiday into magic (while maintaining your sanity!) and no water rings on the furniture!!