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Halloween Coasters With A Day Of The Dead Theme

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Halloween is just around the corner and I love creating crafts with unexpected things (I guess they call it re-purposing). It’s so cool and sometimes cheaper and since the celebrations only last about a few weeks and culminates in one big day I think not spending much on holiday decor it’s a good thing.


My inspiration for this craft is my Mexican themed home bar. Well, maybe the other way around.

It all started last year with Halloween. My home bar still had no actual decor. Just a big rustic counter and back bar and some booze on it.

As I was decorating the house for a Halloween party I found these cool Day of the Dead napkins. I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could make this the theme of the bar?” .

halloween amigas4all day of the dead napkin

So, I decided to buy several packets of them and there it was: My bar finally had a theme! And if someone orders a drink, they get a napkin!

Since then I have added all sorts of Day of the Dead decor to the bar. But the napkins started it all! Who knew a napkin could be so inspiring?!

Halloween Craft

So, back to the Halloween craft: When it was time to create coasters for the bar I wanted something to follow the same theme. Of course, my Day of the Dead bar theme is year-round but this craft works perfectly for Halloween.

We all like to throw parties for Halloween but we don’t like the glass rings left on our special furniture! Argh! It drives me nuts seeing those. While the cheap thing to do is to use a napkin I think they can’t handle the job if the glass is sweating with cold iced water for example. So coasters are the answer to the problem.

Choosing your Halloween Theme

I was looking for some ideas for coasters. Boy, there are so many! But I came across these very cool tiles with the Day of the Dead theme while visiting an Old West town near my city. Now, unless you live in a part of the country you can easily get these Mexican tiles anywhere (I’m in Arizona) you will probably need to get them online.

Halloween Day of the dead decor amigas4all coasters inspiration

I thought, how cool are these!? They would make the perfect coasters for the bar!

The only problem with them is that they had a rough back and they would scratch the furniture. Not cool!

The solution was to glue pieces of felt to the back of the tiles with some heavy duty glue. Just make sure you cut up the felt just a tad smaller than the actual tile so you don’t see the felt sticking out from under the piece. I always have some felt handy in case I need to create something last minute (more post ideas for the future, yay!)

Halloween decor amigas4all coasters day of the dead Felt squares

Other options

If you can’t find these types of tiles in your area or are too in a hurry, you can totally make them! You can go to the home improvement store and buy 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 white subway tiles for about 40 cents or so each and paint them with your theme.

You will need tile primer to make sure the paint sticks to the tile, chalk paint (you can make this), a stamp (with the right supplies you can make this too!) or a transfer for the design. You will also need a good quality clear polyurethane to seal them (looks like a lot of future posts are coming up! You guys keep giving me all these ideas!!).

But you’re not limited to tiles, you can pretty much use anything that has a sturdy surface as a base: thin wood strips, lids, cardboard, cut up cereal boxes, etc. Especially, if these are for a temporary purpose like Halloween.

Once you choose your base (tile, wood, etc), you can print or draw a theme on the surface. You can use a transfer technique (on this link I show you how to make a transfer in your own house printer. So easy!).

You can cut squares or rounds and you can seal it with a polyurethane sealant or even good old white glue. So many choices, so little time!!

Activities with the kids?

How about engaging the kiddos to work on this project? These seasonal crafts are great to enhance their creativity. Imagine them drawing on a piece of cardboard or tile (after the primer, of course) and you can seal their design forever! “Hum, Christmas coasters or tree pendants anyone?”

The point is: coasters are easy to make and with a little creativity they can turn your holiday into magic (while maintaining your sanity!) and no water rings on the furniture!!


Let us know what you think!