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How to DIY Easy Grocery Bag Organizer

Grocery Bags! Those pesky things that clutter our pantries, under our sinks or broom closets! Argh!  Look at it: Doesn’t that drive you nuts? 

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But life doesn’t have to be this messy. I’m a Virgo and to tell a virgo that this is acceptable it’s just unacceptable! HA!

So when things got a little less busy at home and I decided to redo my laundry room (I will post about that redo soon) I knew I had to organize it in a more efficient and “magazine ready” way. So, after painting the walls and making the cabinets pop (Yass! Incredible what paint can do to a room!), I was able to organize the room with shelving and hooks for the brooms and such.

But when it came to the grocery bags I just got lazy and thought that shoving all the bags in a basket would make it all better. Well, that lasted about 5 minutes.

Believe me, it did look a lot better seeing all the bags in one place and not exploding on my face every time I opened the broom closet! So, enough was enough! I just thought what if I can make this even better organized?

In the video below, I will show you how you can go from messy to dressy in no time and for very little money. You could even make it into a side business, gift idea for an organized person. You can also use it to store other things like socks, underwear. The sky is the limit!

You will need the following materials to make the grocery bag organizer:

1 dish cloth

(the dollar store sells them for almost nothing-well, a dollar but if you’re too lazy to go out to buy one or your hands are itching to get start now, just use an old one you already have at home! While the original “recipe” is to use a dish cloth I was just thinking that depending on the decor burlap would look pretty cool too or painter’s drop cloth! Oh my salts!!!!).

8in of elastic

(use the narrow type but you can use the 1/2 for a sturdier finish).

30 to 40in Ribbon/Shoe Lace/Sisal Rope

 (pick your color and width. The ribbon should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of whatever you will be storing in the organizer. If just grocery bags you can use 1/2in ribbon).

Needle and thread

(make sure it matches the color of the fabric unless you wish to create a contrast. Also, the video is an illustration for those who can’t sew that well but you can certainly use a sewing machine to make it even better).


(because cutting thread with your teeth is just too much. PS: I did it! HA!)

Safety Pin

(to run the ribbon and the elastic inside the edges of the organizer)



So Cool huh?! Pretty simple too. And, even if you don’t know how to sew that well you can do it!! Finally, a simple and cute solution to those pesky bags.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know if you have any questions.



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  1. LydiaF1963 says:

    I love that you demonstrated how easy it is to hand sew this project. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty…you will be featured this week at Life Beyond the Kitchen 🙂

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