pet for christmas

Gifting a Pet for Christmas

During the holidays parents are tempted to give a pet as a Christmas present. You need to be sure that the kids are prepared for the responsibility of taking care of an animal. Or that at least you, as a parent, will take care of it if the kids lose interest.

Teaching to care for an animal early in life will teach kids not only responsibility for another life. They will also learn to love a creature that completely depends on them for everything.

Always research pet breeds for hardiness, common medical issues and grooming requirements. Make sure the new family member will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Always remember: Adopt your pet, Don’t shop!

If you are interested in a particular breed, there are many rescues that focus on that breed. If not, a good mutt at the pound will do just fine. They often come with a history that tells you how they are like already. Unlike a puppy or a kitten who can turn into anything because you did not have the time or skill to teach them the basics from an early age.

If you do decide that a pet will be a great addition to the family there are great sources online for pet rescues. There are great pets waiting for a good home out there.

Buying a pet can come with issues such as medical issues because it’s a from a puppy or a cattery mill that exploits animals into breeding non-stop for profit. Then you are dealing with vet bills and unexpected expenses. Plus the heartbreak of a potential loss.

A lot of these sick animals end up in rescues because a lot of people don’t realize the expense they got into after they purchasing an animal from a mill. Eventually they choose to give these pets away because they can’t afford treatment. So again: Adopt, don’t shop!

Finally, always make sure your pet has a good supply of toys to play and a good source of nutritious food so it can thrive.

Happy responsible pet ownership and may your pet bring you many years of happiness and companionship!


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