Angry Princess talks Mondays (King James version)

Looking upon the deeds of the men and women, his creations, God was displeased, and spoke unto them: “Even as the sun sets upon the revelry of thy “weekend” there shall arise in the east the grim spectre of Monday, and assuredly shalt thou know hardship and pain, and to your labors thou shalt wander in dread and despair.” ….and lo, above the din of vehicular traffic, upon the highways and biways, was heard among the people a great lamentation and a gnashing of teeth.   Then God looked with pity upon His people, and ever a merciful God, He declared: “So that thou may find solace and hope throughout the darkest winter, and so that all shalt know that I am the Lord, I grant unto thee “Monday Night Football.”   Then the heart of each man was lifted thereby and knew gladness.  But in this selfsame hour arose a mournful discord, bourne upon the wind even unto the heavens, as the women with a single voice cried: “….Lord how have we have offended thee that thou dost increase our suffering?”

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