The 12 Days of Halloween- Part 6 – Halloween Banner

On the 6th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee… 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

A Halloween decor series would not be complete without a Halloween banner. How else would we know it’s Halloween?! LOL. As if we could forget!

Today’s project is very easy to make (I know, I say that every time!) and you can make it with materials you have around the house. So, let’s get to it!

Materials for the Halloween banner 

I chose to make a Halloween banner with triangles as a base. It’s cute and it gives the banner some character instead of a straight banner. I also didn’t want rectangles or squares. So triangles it is!

Now that I chose the shape, I had to decide the material I was going to use as a base. Since I always have burlap on hand and Halloween is about rustic, creepy materials, nothing says Halloween banner like burlap!

The first thing I did was cut the triangles.


You can decide on the size you want for your Halloween banner depending on where you are hanging it. Mine is going to be in the kitchen window, most likely. So I chose to cut my triangles at about 10in in size. That’s 10in from the pointy tip to the top.

Letters and wording 

You can choose any wording for your Halloween banner. I chose Happy Halloween. But you can say anything you like: “Trick or Treat”, “Boo”, “Here lies…”, etc. Once you figure out how many letters your banner will have then you will know how many triangles to cut.

And just because I chose triangles for the base, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose another shape.

It’s very easy to make the letters. Just like in part 5 of the 12 Days of Halloween series, you can use any word processor to make them. Be sure to adjust the size of the letter based on the size of your base. In this case, my base was 10in and my letters are about 2 1/2in tall and in bold.

Transferring the letters to the Burlap

I chose burlap because I had a lot of it and I thought I would be cool for my Halloween banner. But you can choose any fabric you like. You can do it in black burlap or fabric. You can even use newspaper! Orange fabric with purple letters would be cool too. White base for black letters also works.

Now, to transfer the letters onto the burlap is very easy. After choosing the font and size of your letters, print them in as many pages as necessary to accommodate the size of the letter. Then put the printed paper with the letter(s) under the burlap.


As you know, the weaving in burlap is so open that you can see the letters from underneath. Use a sharpie to trace the letters.

If your letters are hollow and you want to paint them you certainly can do that. I chose to make the letters all in black. So all I did was trace them and then I filled the letters with my sharpie. Easy enough!

Hanging each letter

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To make sure that my letters were properly displayed I chose a couple of cute ribbons as my base for the Halloween banner (you can get some cute ones online here).

Then you can choose if you want to fold the top of the triangle and glue it with some space to run a rope through it. Or use hot glue, tacky glue or even school glue instead. I chose the tacky glue (too lazy to wait for the hot glue gun to warm up).

Halloween-banner-letter-spacing-amigas4allI spaced each letter by placing my hand in between each letter. Then I put some glue on the top square of the triangle and put the ribbon on top.

Image of the ribbon Halloween-banner-ribbon-amigas4allNotice I used one color ribbon for “Happy” and another color ribbon for “Halloween”. Aren’t they cute?

Hanging the Halloween Banner

Image of the Halloween-banner-hanging outside-amigas4all

I hung the Halloween Banner on a glass window to show you how it looks in better lighting. This is not where it’s going. But you can see the final product (I know the lighting is not that great)

Here’s the banner in a dark background (My counter top. Sigh).

Image of the Halloween-banner on the countertop-amigas4all

And here’s a little close up of the top banner

Image of the Halloween-banner-closeup-amigas4all

What do you think?

I had a lot of fun doing this banner. It was easy, clean (except for some glue on the counter top) and very quick! Great for those trying to decorate the house and don’t have the time to run to the store.

Pfeew! We passed the halfway mark of our 12 Days of Halloween already! Time flies when you are having fun.

Join me tomorrow for more Halloween decor ideas. Cheers!

Let us know what you think!