The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 8-Halloween Dragon Eggs

On the 8th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee… 8 dragon eggs, 7 fluffy Halloween pillow(s), 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

Dragon eggs? On Halloween?

That’s right! You must be thinking: Dragons and Halloween don’t really mix. This is not Comicon even though we wear costumes!

But wait! What if your costume is a “Mother of Dragons” costume? Wouldn’t it be cool to carry dragon eggs around to compliment your costume? And here’s a even wilder idea:

What if you can eat those dragon eggs? 

Oh yeah!!! In this whole series we learned how to make all sorts of Halloween decorations. But how about food?!

Of course, everyone will bring creepy looking foods like the man on the tray with sausage as his bowels, or franks made to look like fingers, or the jello worms made with straws. But these are not part of a costume. Not usually.

So today we will be making a prop that is part costume/part food. This is so cool your guests will be wowed with your talent and the connection to your favorite show/costume!

The recipe for making these dragon eggs is actually in my post about Giant Easter eggs here.

What?! What does Easter have to do with Halloween?

Huh, nuthin’! Except that we will be making eatable dragon eggs. And to make this work we will be making chocolate eggs. And what better season to find recipes for chocolate eggs? Easter, of course!

So follow the recipe for molding and forming the egg (Easter egg tutorial here). Notice that my mold had these indentations that made it look like scales.

Amiga4all giant easter egg dragon eggs plastic mold 1

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You can find molds on Amazon very easily. The one on the link has latices and they could work. But if you want scales like mine you will need to do them by hand since my molds were bought in Brazil and I haven’t seen anything like this in the U.S.

What if I don’t have a mold with scales?

You can use a heated fork or skewer to draw the scales. But be careful not to puncture the egg or you will have to start over. You may also make a “branding” tool with stainless steel wire to make the scales too. 

That way you don’t have to draw on the egg and less risk of puncturing it. Notedon’t use galvanized steel wire-Not food grade!). And if you do puncture the egg, just melt it and start over with the molding process.

Dragon Eggs!

Here they are!! In all their chocolaty glory!! I love the scales and how shiny they look.

image of halloween dragon eggs

Now you have to put the egg together or you can serve them just the way they are in the picture (in half, face down). If you decide to put them together you can make a nice presentation by using a box or a small trunk with a cool liner. Maybe an earth tone napkin or even celophane.

Here’s an even wilder idea: What if you could make that chocolate dragon egg iridescent?! You can find eatable iridescent glitter online. Be sure to follow the instructions of application. But you want to make sure you just lightly brush the glitter onto the chocolate surface or it will lose it’s character.

Place your dragon eggs presentation on the counter or table and WOW your guests! 

To keep the eggs together you can use melted chocolate to “weld” them together. You can also use tin foil in various colors for the initial presentation.

Amiga4all giant easter egg dragon eggs plastic mold egg together

If you put them in foil make sure you delicately rub on the surface of the foil so that the scales appear in the foil.

Now, if the eggs are in foil most people won’t know it’s eatable unless you tell them. So why not make a sign like the one below?

Just copy the image onto a word processing or photo imaging program and print! Go ahead, use this one! It’s ready to go for you!


Making it extra special

If you decide to weld your egg halves together or even wrap them in foil you can fill them with more chocolate. And, you can use any type of chocolate, nuts or candy. Use your imagination.

Here’s what I did for my Easter egg. But you can find candy with Halloween colors for an extra touch! 

Amiga4all giant easter egg dragon eggs plastic mold egg with bonbon

I hope you liked making these! I sure did! Yummers!

I know they are not creepy looking like most Halloween foods but how cool is it to have chocolate dragon eggs be part of your costume!!

See you tomorrow for more!



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