The 12 Days of Halloween-Part 11-Halloween Wine Charms

On the 11th Day of Halloween my true love said to meeee…11 Halloween wine charms, 10 Day of the Dead headband(s), 9 candy wreath(s), 8 dragon eggs, 7 fluffy Halloween pillow(s), 6 Halloween Banner(s), 5 Keep Out sign(s), 4 Jack O’ Lantern, 3 creepy spiders, 2 friendly ghosts…lots of candy in a bag-eeee!

We traveled the world of Halloween decorating and covered from costumes, to food, to party decor and even a pillow!

Today, we will add an extra “charm” to the party (pun intended!). We will be making Halloween wine charms!

Setting yourself apart as a host

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Just like most of our latest Halloween projects anyone can make these Halloween wine charms. They will give you party that extra, well, charm that shows you are a great host and your guests will feel extra special too.

How nice it is to know your guests are not going to lose their wine glass if they set it down somewhere. It will actually save you a lot of wine too since you won’t have to throw away a perfectly good full glass of wine because you don’t know who it belongs to! 

When I throw a party I invite one person and 10 people end up coming!

Those Brazilians! Well, for us the more the merrier so I don’t mind. But it can get a little crazy. And despite “cachaça” being the famous Brazilian distilled drink, “my Brazilians” like wine. A lot of wine!

So when 100 Brazilians show up at my house I need these charms or no one will know where their glasses are!

I made a ton of these charms for my parties. I have charms for most occasions: regular parties, Christmas ones, wedding ones. You name it, I have it.

There was just one holiday I never made charms for and that’s Halloween!

I got inspired to make these charms when I came across these Halloween rings. halloween-wine-charms-image-of-skull-rings I thought I could just paint them in various combinations of color and then I could cut the ring loop in the middle and the ring would hook right on the stem of the wine glass. How cool is that?! You can get something similar to these rings online.

For now, let’s make some Halloween wine charms and now my collection will be complete! Mua-haha!

Materials for the Halloween wine charms

The first thing you will need is a thin gauge flexible wire.

image-of-halloween-wine-charms-steel-wireI like stainless steel because it won’t rust but feel free to use galvanized if it’s what you have around.

Another option if you don’t want to use a wire is to use a thin ribbon, rope or yarn. The reason I like the wire is because you can open and close. With the rope you have to tie it when using it. But then after the party there you are either untying the string if you want to reuse the charm, or you are cutting it off and there goes your ability to reuse the charm.

The next thing you will need is anything and everything Halloween you can find that it’s small and durable for your charm.




If you have left over Halloween signs with small bats or pumpkins you can cut those out and use that. You can also find prints online and print them on paper or card stock and you cut them and decorate them.

Finally, you will need needle nose pliers and a thick tube or pen that you can use as your template for the wire bending. I used one of those highlighter pens. It was just the right thickness for the loop.

Making the Halloween Wine charm wire 

The first thing we need to do is the wire loop where you will be hanging your charm. It’s super easy.

Grab a piece of wire and loop it around your tube or pen.


Leave a little bit of extra wire so you can twist it at the end. This twist will be the hook to close the charm around the glass stem. Be sure the hooks are flat on the tube or pen or it will be difficult to close the hooks when using the charm.

Placing the Halloween wine charm pendant

The next step is running the charm through the wire hook.

halloween-wine-charms-image-of-wire-though-cut-out If you are using a cut out be sure to pierce a hole on it so you can run the wire through.

Another method is to run the cut out through the wire first before bending the wire.


Then place the cut out in the middle of a section of wire and twist the wire right above the cut out.

halloween-wine-charms-image-of-wire-through-cut-out-withot-twistingYou will then bend the wire around the tube or pen and close the hook.

The many faces of a Halloween Wine charm

These Halloween wine charms are so easy to make you almost have to be careful. If you sit in front of the TV and start working on these you will have 100 charms just watching one show!

Here are the different types of Halloween wine charms I made using what I had around the house as pendants.








I hope you had fun making these as much as I had.

And remember that you are not limited to Halloween. You can make these for all occasions!

You know those earrings you can’t find the pair anymore? Or that bracelet that broke but you can’t make yourself throw it away because it has all these cute dangly things? Use them!

I am a big fan of upcycling, and repurposing. And this is a great opportunity to do that.

Join me tomorrow for our last project for “The 12 Days of Halloween”.




Let us know what you think!