Top 13 Reasons Your Social Security Case Is Being Denied And What To Do To Improve Your Chances At Winning.

Today I will give you the short list of the top 13 reasons for denial of benefits and a very short tip on how to fix each one and in the next few posts, I will explain each one in more detail. Remember that this list is not exhaustive. There are many other reasons for a claim denial but these are the most common. So here it goes:

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top 13 reasons for  DISABILITY DENIaL

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1) 90% of cases are denied in the first try. Don’t give up. Appeal it!

2) It could be your medical records. Get your doctor to describe your medical issues better.

3) You are not receiving the right treatment(s) for your condition(s). Get 1referrals. Get treatment.

4) Your records are too old and you are not seeing doctors now. You need to see new doctors or more visits during and after the adjudication of your case.

5) Diagnosis alone does not win cases. Once you are diagnosed ask your doctor if your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working. Permanently!

6) You think you are disabled but you are not. Social Security only needs to show that you can do some other job than the one you can’t do anymore and case closed. In most cases, you must prove you can’t work ANY jobs. At all!

7) Your doctor may not be supporting the notion that you are disabled. It goes back to item 6.

It gets worse:

8) Some of your treatment may be a violation of the rules. I know, it’s weird but it’s true. Eg, medical marijuana. Legal in some States, not legal in the federal system yet (Remember Social Security is a federal benefit).

9) Your case is less than sympathetic because you may be doing a lot of things to yourself. Illegal drugs if you have a mental disability, smoking when you have lung issues, drinking when you have cirrhosis. The list goes on…Get help!

10) Procedurally you don’t qualify or you need to overcome a remote onset of disability. This is a big one. It means you haven’t worked in years and you may not qualify, or you have too much money to qualify (see my next post on this one).

11) It’s too early to file. You need to show that your condition has lasted or is expected to last 12 months. The clock starts ticking from the time you stopped working. If you just quit and file a week later you are more likely to be denied.

12) Anger issues and bad attitude shown in your medical records. In mental disability cases, it’s expected. In physical cases, it a no, no! Do not throw tantrums at your doctor’s office. They will write it in your medical records and it looks bad!

13) Incarceration. You can’t get benefits while incarcerated. Simple as that.

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