the larger view finding peace amid chaos

The Larger View

A nameless rage….a rage that pops up when you think of people taking advantage of you, or life being unfair to you, even the universe being unfair to you, such as yet one more thing breaking at your house. 

Or where you imagine scenarios of people taking advantage of you that haven’t even happened yet.   What do you do with it?   ….we can dissect that for hours, but remember this: remember also those times where you felt that rage but then something good or pleasant unexpectedly happened.  

Maybe you learned something sympathetic about some person who was causing your anger, or any number of other sudden changes that somehow flipped a switch where all of a sudden you saw a larger view of everything.

Mind your Thoughts and Control your Anger

I’m not advocating counting to ten or that sort of thing, we all feel the rage, and it seems some small measure of it might even be useful, after all nobody wants to be anyone’s doormat, and that anger might help you assert or defend yourself, provided it doesn’t run away with you, ….careful!

The point is, in the larger view of possibilities, rage melts away. 

The larger view of all that is possible can be called hope, and hope springs eternal, and rage withers before the eternal.  Too far fetched?

…maybe not: think back to a time where some enraged anger that had you in its grip disappeared when you learned new information or found something out.

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