The Angry Princess welcomes you

Let me start by explaining that the full name of these hopefully frequent discourses should probably be “Angry Princess, Beyond the Rant”, or some such thing, because what I really want to share with you are those inspirational perspectives (my version at least) of those more rewarding ways of looking at life, …let’s call it “the large view”   So this is more in the way of  insights (if not solutions) rather than another rant about life’s problems, but if I do lapse into a rant, that I am also at least exploring the greater meaning!

Indeed, many observations I will share may be rooted in ‘life’s anger’, which is part of the reason for the ‘Angry Princess’ name (more about that later), but I expect a fair number of my insights will have begun in a place of that ordinary often uninspired perspective to which folks are often limited simply by our human nature and the challenges and distractions of everyday life.

Occasionally I may diverge, but the goal here is insight beyond that ordinary and limited perception where ‘the veil’ (as I like to call it) covers ‘the magnificent’ (again, as I like to think of it) with the result that so many folks, me included, only get those elusive fleeting glimpses, those inspirations that keep us wondering and searching.

We are all restless in a way, …not for more anger of course ….what we all cherish is inspiration and exuberance!  Those treasured moments, like a break in the clouds, the extraordinary view.   We all work hard, and have our cares and worries, so what are the possibilities of life beyond this ‘veil’ that covers the ‘larger view’? …and most of all, what inspires us to see those possibilities?

There’s no way everyone sees or will see things the same way I do of course (a very good thing!), and so I leave you for now with the thought that my wish and hope is that what I express here as time goes by might resonate with some of you, and maybe in turn I get to hear some of your inspirations.

Angry Princess out!

Let us know what you think!