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Remodeling Tip of The Day: Demo Day is Fun But Full of Surprises!

DIY, safety, safe remodel, tips, decor, mold, asbestos, constructionRemodeling tip of the day: when demo-ing your house or room in your next project make sure to test walls for lead and asbestos.

You can find these kits online for almost nothing and test your walls before doing anything.

If your house is older than 1978 very likely you will find these unwanted surprises. Also check for mold in wet areas.

But don’t be surprised if you find mold a few feet away where is not wet at all! Water has the uncanny ability to travel and you just never know.

Types of Materials to avoid mold infestation

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In my bathroom remodel, I found mold in an area very far away from where the original trouble spot was. And get this, wood floors!! In the bathroom!!! It looks nice and all but wood and water don’t mix!

Remember the old nasty habit of putting carpet in the bathroom? EWWW! With the new products out there you can find tiles that look like wood boards (I used that in the bathroom redo) or you can use vinyl planking

It looks like wood but it’s laminate and waterproof! I used vinyl planking in the upstairs bathroom. And it looks great! (more on that upstairs remodel in a future post).

Seal, Seal, Seal

Be wise when choosing flooring or even counter tops for wet areas. Be sure to seal any exposed grout and gaps on counter tops, showers and tubs. There are new materials out there for sealing including silicone in colors! You can now match your grout color to the seal. No more white gunky looking seal around the tub. Another EEWW!

Safety measures when remodeling

It seems pretty obvious but always wear a mask when doing demo. You never know what you have behind your walls and even cabinets. We all love demo day but finding mold and other toxic substances can be dangerous without the proper protection.

If you come across any suspicious growth get it tested and if positive, have it handled by professionals. You can still do your remodel afterwards. 

remodeling, DIY, safety, safe remodel, tips, decor, mold, asbestos, constructionToo often I see clients who did their own remodel and now they are disabled because of lung issues, cognitive impairment, tremors, confusion and the list goes on.

We all like to save money but your health is priceless. Be careful!

I was starting my bathroom remodel and found all of the above (mold, asbestos). The sign on the picture was hanging on my laundry and bathroom entry for days! (sniff).

I was still able to do the remodel once the professionals gave me the green light. It only took a little longer than I was hoping for but I still had fun finishing the project. More on that project soon.

Have a happy and safe remodeling!


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