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How to DIY a Fabulous Outdoor Zen Daybed Using an Old Mattress

Have you thought about converting your old mattress into an outdoor daybed?

You just bought a new mattress and now you have to discard the old one. Of course, as you probably know discarding mattresses are a nightmare.

They are clunky and most people just throw them in a dumpster (when they can find one), or on the sidewalk on “bulk trash” day, or they have to drive to the nearest “dump”. Which is also a nightmare with all the rules about when and if they will accept your mattress.

Donation places won’t take them as easily (maybe because of fear of bedbugs), so a lot of times mattresses just sit there by the side of the house or in the garage taking all that space. 

Until now!

How I Came Up With a Way To Repurpose An Old Mattress

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure my foster birds have plenty of wood toys to play until they find their forever home

When I bought my new memory foam mattress I was in heaven. It was nice and firm, and it was great to wake up refreshed.

If you are in the market for a mattress, you can check my selections below:

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Anyway, my old mattress was very high quality, it was still in good shape and it still had some life in it.

I didn’t want to throw it away but I knew no one would take it other than bulk trash. I felt bad about sending something perfectly good to the landfill. Plus, you all know I try to save the earth as much as I can.

My solution: Why not reuse that mattress and make an outdoor daybed?

I have this area in my backyard that has a lot of trees and even in the hot Arizona Summer, it’s a cool spot to hang out. 

I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a daybed under those trees? It would be the perfect place to read a book and drink some iced tea in the afternoon and “chillax“!.

Of course, I wanted to save money so I decided to build it. The project was very simple and the secret is in the bolts holding the whole thing together.

Materials for the Day Bed

12 boards (2×6)- See Measurements in the image below

  • 2 boards for the header and 2 for the sides.
  • 1 for the headboard
  • The remaining boards for the slats (you can also use 2x4s or even 1x4s instead, but I wanted the slats to be sturdy, so I used 2x6s)
  • Some scraps for the “side tables” and 2 (17-inch pieces to support the headboard)

daybed measurements from old mattress

1 2x4x80in board: for the center of the bed frame.

2 1x2x75in boards: for the inside frame to support the slats. Pieces to support the middle board.

1 4×4 post: for the legs (cut into 12in each)

Box of Wood screws (3in long)

12 (6in) round head screws with bolts (decorative and sturdy to support the weight of the bed and mattress  

12 (4in) round head screws with bolts (for the headboard)

4 Casters (optional)

4 “L” brackets to support the “side tables” (If you are adding the side tables be sure to get a bracket that supports the weight of the boards)

Liquid Nails or Wood Glue


Phillips Screw Driver 

Wrenches to tighten the bolts

Putting the bed together

Start by cutting the boards to size using my schematic above. Consider the size of your mattress and give at least 1 inch more to give room for any bed covers to fit in.

I started with the frame first. Glue each corner with liquid nails or wood glue and use wood screws to join them together. It will make things easier when you are trying to add the bolts into the frame.

Glue and attach the inside boards (1x2s) to the side of the bed frame (level with the floor). This is where the slats will rest on.

After attaching the side boards, flip the frame over (this will be how the frame will remain when the daybed is done).

Measure the distance from the top of the side board (inside the frame) to the top of the frame (this will tell you the distance you have to level the middle frame).

Mark the measurement on each end at the center of the head and foot of the frame.  You want to make sure that the center frame is at the same level of the boards inside the frame. See image below (this is “under” the bed). 

daybed from old mattress image of starting frame amigas4all

Attaching The Legs

Once the frame is ready and stabilized with wood screws and glue, it’s time to attach the legs to each corner of the frame. (Note: the boards you see on each corner in the image above were only temporary. Please ignore them).

To attach the legs you will need to raise the frame first or work on it upside down using a piece of 2×4 to level the legs with the same level as the inside boards (the slats will rest on the legs too).

I wanted the legs to be sturdy so I drilled two holes on an angle, straight through the post on each corner of the head and foot of the bed. See below (sorry, the image is not the best). Place bolts and nuts and tighten to make sure the frame is not wobbly.

Then on the side of the bed, I drilled another hole for one bolt (making sure that I didn’t hit the same spot as the two bolts).

detail wood legs daybed from old mattress amigas4all

The Headboard

I chose to make a simple headboard with one board only. I thought it had a nice Zen looking style with a clean line.

Before attaching the headboard, lay the 2x6x76in onto the floor and select where you want the vertical support boards to go on the headboard frame.

I chose to put each board in the center of each side of the middle frame.

You can certainly move them closer to the edge or the middle but I thought this would make it more stable.

Attach the vertical boards with the edges level with the horizontal board first. I drilled on an angle just like the legs. See detail image below:

daybed frame from old mattress before paint headboard

I did the same with the bottom part that was going to be attached to the frame. See below image:

daybed frame from old mattress before paint

When I took these pictures I haven’t started blogging about my projects so I know I’m missing a couple of step by step pics of the back of the frame and how I attached the side tables but it’s easy.

The Side tables

Of course, no Zen retreat is complete without somewhere to put your tea on. Enter the “side tables“.

They are basically shelves attached to the bed. But how cool is that? No need for extra furniture. It’s all in one piece.

Before attaching the headboard you should install the “side tables” when you have the bed upside down (bottom up). That way you can simply lay the 2x6x17in board on the floor by the side of the bed and attach the “L” brackets without having to work “under” the bed.

Before attaching the headboard you should install the “side tables” when you have the bed upside down (bottom up). That way you can simply lay the 2x6x17in board on the floor by the side of the bed and attach the “L” brackets without having to work “under” the bed.

If you do this after the headboard is on then you can just raise the side of the bed you are working on with a bucket or something to have better access to install them.

Next Step: Paint!

I chose a dark brown color because it closely matched the color of my pergola outside. I love how it turned out:

daybed from old mattress image after paint

Notice I added casters to the legs?

Well, I really didn’t have to do that since the daybed was going on grass. I figured it would be easier to drag it around if it had wheels but forgot that they would also sink on the grass. Sigh! 

At least you get an idea what it looks like with wheels in case you are doing this for a cement patio. Then you definitely want wheels.

Installing them is easy. Simply flip the bed frame on its side and screw the metal brackets onto the bottom of the legs (they come with the wheels) and that’s it!

I didn’t paint the slats because that would be a waste of good paint. They were going under the mattress anyway.

My Zen Daybed and Repurposing that old mattress

Here is the final product before the mattress went on:

Daybed from old mattress front view outside

 daybed from old mattress side view amigas4all

And now, with the mattress and a cover I made for the daybed:

daybed from old mattress under pergola

Giving an extra twist to the Zen Style Daybed

Because I just can’t stop crafting, I decided that my zen daybed retreat was missing something.

Oh! Yes, Curtains!! 

So I got some burlap and made these curtains to give it an extra zen look to my daybed (tutorial coming soon-psst, it’s no-sew!!).

daybed from old mattress final with curtains front view amigas

daybed from old mattress final side view

Notice the paint color for the stencil was similar to the bed cover?

Isn’t this the best place to read or what?!

Before I go, you must be wondering what happens to the mattress when it rains.

I bought a sturdy plastic sheet and wrapped the mattress on it really well before putting the new cover on.

There is some waterproof mattress covers out there too. But I just thought a sturdy plastic would do.

Status Update:

I made this bed at least 2 years ago, and everything, including the mattress, looks good. Except for the terracotta cover: the sun really did a number on it. I will be replacing it soon.

If you don’t think you have the skills, or time to make this daybed but you like the design, here are some fabulous outdoor daybeds that you can purchase.

Don’t forget you can use my Amazon Prime link above to get free shipping on most selections (it’s free for 30 days!):

I hope you enjoyed this project. I so happy I was able to save a mattress from going to the landfill and got my Zen retreat in the process.

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Until next time,



how-to-make-an-adorable christmas angel

How to Make an Adorable Christmas Angel From an Old Mattress

Angels from an old mattress spring #easydiy Click To Tweet Who doesn’t love Christmas angels? Now, isn’t it even better if it’s from upcycled materials?

If you have been following this blog you should know by now that I love making things. Especially from unusual or unexpected materials.

I love upcycling and recycling things and making “new” things. The results may really surprise you. Who here remembers my bar table using an umbrella stand as a base?

That’s why I could not help myself when I came across these old mattress springs in a pile of discarded items.


I’m not a hoarder by any means. In fact, if my house is not organized I can’t even function. But when I see materials that can be turned into something new, I keep it.

Recycling/Upcycling Saves Money and Trees

In a world of consumerism, where everything is disposable I’d like to think that I’m saving the world one upcycled/recycled project at a time. And I get to have something “new” without spending much, if at all. It’s like Christmas morning every time!

So before you throw away something that is well built, it’s not broken and that could use a little bit of TLC, think twice.

Can you paint it and make it look new? What if it just looks “tired” but you would totally keep it if it just looked a little more updated?

Wouldn’t it be better than spending money on something that already works but just needs some “love”?

When I remodeled my downstairs bathroom I was sooo glad to get rid of this eyesore:

christmas angels mattress spring light-fixture-eye-sore-image

Of course, looking back I could have made a pretty nifty terrarium to plant some succulents! Sigh. The one that got away! (….but it was soo ugleeee!).

And how about my bathroom vanity from the same bathroom project? It was an original 1965 vanity that I magically transformed with just some paint and new trim to give it a facelift. Now, it looks like a modern “Shaker” style vanity that people are paying top dollar to get. That project cost me $200 only. And that includes a new sink AND the counter top.

The reason I’m saying all this is because I made this project using only things I had around the house. Some of the materials are remnants from other projects that I saved for future projects that would eventually pop in my head (see my Christmas tags project below).

So let’s do this!

Materials for the Christmas Angels

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a commission from any purchases you make through these links without any extra cost to you. This is how I make sure the cats will have their catnip for Christmas

While I am giving you a list of the materials I used, remember that you can use your creativity and use any materials you like. Any fabric that you think could work can be used. You can also use paper or cardstock for the details.

The Christmas angel project

The first thing you want to do is design and cut the angel wings. For that, you can free hand it or you can find an image online as inspiration.

Before you trace the shape of the wings fold the fabric in half so when you cut the wings they will have the same size and shape.


Then you need to place the base of the spring onto the drop cloth (or burlap) and trace it around the spring. Cut and use “tacky glue” to glue the base onto the spring. Note that this step is optional. This can serve as a base for your electronic candle.



Hot glue the wing onto the back of the spring (Yes, I know the spring is circular). You just have to decide where you want the wing placed (notice the hook at the top of the spring on the image? I wanted that straight tip to point backward).


The next step is to decorate the “front” of your angel. I chose to make a bow by cutting the edging part of the burlap for one of the angels. 

For my other angel, I used burlap to make the wings and I used the drop cloth to make the bow (see below)



I hot glued each bow on the “front” of my angels and then used buttons to decorate the bows and give them a “homey” feel to them.

After the wings and bows were in place, it was time to make a “halo” for my angels. I used a piece of sisal twine and made a circle for each angel.

Just hot glue the tips to make a circle about the size of the top of the spring. 

christmas-angels-image-of-halo christmas-angels-image-of-twine

Let there be light!

Now that your angel is pretty much ready, it’s time to make it shine!

Because the electronic candle is not the prettiest thing in close up, I decided to cover the side with sisal twine to make it blend in with the angel. The only visible part would be the top of the candle and the light.

All you need to do is hot glue the sisal twine by wrapping it around the side of the candle. 



This next step is optional: Remember I told you to glue the fabric base onto the spring? Well, you can place your candle there and you are done.

But I decided that I wanted the light to be a little higher so that my angel looked more illuminated. It is an angel, after all!

So, another option is to hot glue the side of the candle a little higher in the spring, right about the height of the bow.

And here are the angels with both options:


And here’s a close-up of each one:



Notice I added a little piece of burlap in front of the wing to cover the hot glue that was showing where I glued the wing. Here’s the detail:


This project is very easy and the final product looks very angelic! Pun intended!!  Here’s another picture of one of my angels with different lighting:


I would love to see how yours turned out. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for updates.

Until next time!




amigas4all things to do AZ old wood hearts

Love the things you have-Living Thrifty

Love the things you have. Interesting title for a DIY post but hear me out. We all love new things. I sure do. Nothing like a “new car smell” (new clothes, new furniture, etc).

However, In a time when things are so expensive and the earth is going through some harsh environmental changes: forest fires, floods, you name it, we need to focus on retaining resources so our kids will have a tree to look at and a house to live in. I know it sounds depressing but there is a point to this and it’s not that bad.


Often, we hear about recycle, reuse all over the place and often wonder how we can integrate the new with the old. Should I settle for the things I have, or should I buy new?

Amigas4all things to do in AZ Vintage art trunk desk

Amigas4all vintage fair things to do plate flowersOur tendency is to naturally buy something new as soon as things look a little old. But some of these things are still in good shape but look tired, dated or scratched or you simply “fell out of love” with those things.



Home Shopping-Love the savings

However, these things are already yours and they are good and they are paid for. While I understand and love the idea of buying thrifty and I see great posts and ideas on how to shop at thrift stores and ideas on how to “improve” those things you just bought, I love even more the idea of “shopping” in my own home. It’s free! It’s already paid for a long time ago and over the years the item paid itself with the normal wear and tear of life.

So why not, instead of thrift store shopping, you take a look around the house? That old table, the night stands that are all banged up and kicked. How about that oak furniture that screams the 90’s or the chunky side tables from the 80’s? Or grandma’s old chairs or vanity? We look for those things at thrift stores and antique places all the time but what if you already have those things at home?

table redo, reuse, recycle amigas4all, love what you have, thrift shopping

Yes, sometimes you can feel bad about painting over something like that but it’s all beat up, chipped (dang, laminates!!) and you still feel funny about it. But dreading the look of that piece is not healthy for you. So, why not bring it to life? Patch it, spackle it, paint it. Why not love the things you already have and bring that “new car smell” to these things?

Just a little paint, primer, sand paper, deglosser or any other technique you see around Pinterest or the “Internets” can accomplish that. Anyone walking into your house will see that something is different. They will ask you if you redecorated and you can proudly say “SUUURE” (wink, wink).

Weekend Project-Love the old

Bear in mind that it doesn’t apply to furniture only. Old brass knick knacks, vases, left over glasses from an old collection, porcelain (hang grandma’s plates on the wall!). Check the wood pile in the backyard for some new signs (some can cost over 100 bucks!! (See here how I made a sign with transfer printed from my house printer and paint!).

amigas4all spray painted table trash backyardHow about that drab looking patio table and chairs rusting in your backyard? Clean them out, spray paint: voilà!! (it screams weekend project).

Everything comes together with paint.



Look at the before and after pics of my laundry room redo: The cabinets were great, the marble top was great but it lacked “oomph”. PAINT!!!!!. I just love how just some little paint brought the room together.

amigas4all laundryroom redo beforeamigas4all landry redo after

Vanity Facelift-Love what’s already in the home

Take a look at my bathroom vanity: This thing is from 1964!!!! It was OLD! and it looked old but when I saw that vanity I saw an opportunity. I also had a good reason not to get a new vanity because of some issues with a door that would not open if not for the shape of the vanity. Since getting a new one would create a gap unless it was custom-made I opted to keep it.

amigas4all kitchen bath before redo

amigas4all redo kitchen bath beforeAlso, the wood frame was sturdy and good quality. The base had some mold issues but I took it out and put some legs on it and it was perfect for the space. People pay top dollar to get a nice antique vanity to put in their bathrooms. I had an original right here!!

I just slapped some wood trims to modernize the doors and give it a shaker style to them (just add plain wood strips and liquid nails) and then of course some paint and then new hardware. However, the top of course had to be new so I opted for butcher block but that’s for another post. I love the fact that I was able to keep an original “vintage” item and was able to make it new and special.

amigas4all kitchen bath redo during wood stripamigas4all kitchen bath during redo frame








amigas4all kitchen bath after higher pixel

The point is: reusing, repurposing does not have to look like your kids spiral noodle project (did I say that out loud?!). Your old stuff can look expensive and fabulous and right out of a magazine and you will get to enjoy those pieces for years to come and with the pride that comes along with having done it yourself. You can and you will fall in love with them again.


Things To Do in Arizona....When you Want to Go Vintage Shopping fair AZ flag wood

Things To Do in Arizona….Go Vintage Shopping!

Vintage shopping is not always in a tourist’s mind when traveling unless you are me (hopefully I’m not the only one). Every place I travel to I like to see what local goodies I can find. And when I say local goodies, I’m not talking about the local foods and yummy drinks (well, I check those too!) but historical local goodies. For example, if you visit states in the East coast you are more likely to find older furniture (British, French, Primitives) and smalls from the Civil War (forks, cans, bags, buttons, etc). Go to Missouri or Louisiana you will find lots of French goodies (furniture, lace, etc).

But what about the West? Compared to the rest of the country the West is relatively young or so we think.

amigas4all things to do AZ old wood heartsWe know that the Spanish visited some areas of Arizona between the 1500 and 1700s with their forts and missions but this was a long, long time ago and we wonder how much of it survived. And what history can we gather since, say the late 1850s, when things became a little more official (the United States bought Arizona from Mexico in 1853)? We also know that Arizona was a territory until 1912. If you think about it, it’s not that long ago. Sorry, I must have lost you by now with the history lesson but this background is important when looking for certain antiques or vintage items. Which brings us to the question above: What kinds of antiques can one find in Arizona?

Well, most people think Cowboys and Native Americans when they think of Arizona. Sure they are a great part of Arizona’s history. Trailblazers, inhospitable heat, dryness, creatures Things To Do in Arizona....When you Want to Go Vintage Shopping fair AZ wagon wheeltrying to kill you (rattlesnakes, scorpions, Gila monsters! Yaiks!). It took these pioneers a lot of courage and it took a lot of tools to build this State! And you can count on one thing from Arizona’s vintage shops: spurs, primitive tools, cowboy hats (oldish and new), dried wood boards-the kind you can make signs with! (Heart palpitations and itchy hands just talking about it!) and lots of Native American goodies (moccasins, dream catchers, headdresses (old and new), arrowheads, turquoise and more.

But Arizona is not all about cowboys. People have been living here for a while and one thing Arizona is big with: New residents! That’s right! People who come from all over the country and the world to live in Arizona and with them: Stuff!! French furniture, British desks, the works! It’s like having the world at your feet, right in your back yard (I mean, not literally your backyard but close enough).

So with that in mind and knowing I can find all sorts of goodies from all over, what is a girl to do? Where do I go to find those things?

amigas4all things to do AZ pipe lamp

Arizona is filled with vintage/antique stores everywhere. Some of the places I like to go are not too far from me in Phoenix. But cities nearby also have great stores and some are pretty close to the “old west”. I mean, they are new cities but still growing and you still see the same buildings from the early days of the West full of vintage goodies. It’s like traveling through time!

Please note that I am not making any money telling you about these places. In fact, they don’t even know I’m talking about them but I will tell you because these are my favorites in Phoenix. I will give you names and if you Google them you will find the addresses very easily.

Brass Armadillo: They have two stores in Arizona but my favorite is the one in Phoenix.

Imagine a store the size of a giant supermarket (big box type) full, I mean FULL of goodies. Vintage, old, rusty, rustic, used, beat up goodies. Furniture of all kinds, from primitive to mid century to mid 80s. Old books, clothing (vintage and old), hats and purses (imagine finding hats from the 30s-so adorbs!).

The store is divided in stalls where each vendor displays their goodies and the aisles are given street names. Why streets? Because this place is huuuge!! If you find something you like and you can’t carry it around, you’ll need to be able to find it somehow to pay for it. Street names are an easy way to do that. They even give you a map of the store when you first come in. The map has lines for each street so you can write the vendor number, the item number and the street name so the store assistants can locate the piece and save it for you, especially large pieces. I have “lost” what I wanted many times because I forgot to write the street name. The place has so many “streets” and “stalls” that you can easily spend 4 hours there and not even see the time go by. They even have a resting area with tables and chairs by the bathrooms so you can take a break during your shopping. The only drawback is not having a coffee shop (it closed recently-sniff!).

Some of my best furniture I found at that store. Including these babies

amigas4all things to do AZ daybed

Amigas4all things to do in AZ low daybed fireplace

These were super well made 1960’s twin beds. I paid $120 for both beds and while the varnish was chipped, the wood was in excellent condition. I sanded and painted them and since I needed a day bed and a couch for two different rooms I used the two head boards to make my ultra fancy “daybed” in the “inside porch” I created in the parlor (yes, a parlor! Cute!-Left Pic) and the “couch” went to the fireplace area in my living room (Right pic). For that one, I used the foot boards so it would have lower sides.

Amigas4all things to do in AZ candle holder antique 1820Other goodies I found there were this 1820’s candle holder for $100 bucks!!

Amigas4all things to do in AZ white side table

This cute table

These salvaged doors from the 1910’s

Amigas4all things to do in AZ door mexican primitive

Amigas4all things to do in AZ valance old door

One became a Mexican primitive art project (I will soon post this step by step project) and the other became frame/valance in my bedroom.

This is the kind of place that you walk around and feel the good times come back: “Oh look! My mom had those plates when I grew up!” Or “I had that very lamp in my bedroom!”, “Grandma had that collection of pictures in her house!” It’s like walking on memory lane.

The best part is that it’s not just old or vintage. It’s re-purposed, recycled, renewed and/or ready for your own talented hands to do that same. It’s worth checking that place out.

Amigas4all things to do in AZ Vintage art

Melrose on 7th Ave”: This is not a store but several stores in one street! 7th Avenue in Phoenix (between Camelback Rd and Indian School) is a street that used to be a run down area with tire shops and miscellaneous office buildings. It was slowly revitalized and it is now a great spot for vintage, antique and all sorts of stuff to recycle and reuse.

If you like walking you can park your car in one spot and go up and down the street (bring comfy Amigas4all things to do in AZ Vintage art trunk deskshoes, it’s a long street!). The problem is you’re gonna want your car nearby because it’s impossible to leave those stores without a lot of stuff! You will find places selling just clothes, mid-century furniture (Mids are a big deal in AZ-Frank Lloyd Wright built and inspired a lot of building designs in Arizona). You will also find “Goodwill type stores” where you can buy good quality dressers and other furniture you can refurbish to give it that vintage look. I am sure you will find a lot of inspiration pieces too and lots of materials to create new “old” things.

One of the stores I like to shop in that area is Home Again. It’s not a large store but it is PACKED with stuff.                                                                                                                   

I found this screen door from the 1810’s there. Amigas4all things to do in AZ 1810 doorI use it as a display piece for my babies’ feather wreath (I have a lot of birds who shed feathers every 6 months! I can smell another tutorial right now) and I also use it as a frame for my favorite wedding photo (notice the same pic in the salvaged door above?)

Zinnia’s at Melrose: This is another store I like to shop for vintage and unusual stuff. This is a two-storey warehouse type building with soooo much stuff your wallet will be shaking in its boots (do wallets have feet? Wow, that’s deep, man!). 

There are also vintage fairs here and there, especially when the weather is not ridiculously hot in Arizona. Just two weeks ago I went to this lovely fair at the Cardinal’s Stadium where lots of vendors were showing their creations. From upcycling to recycling, from shabby “chic-ing” to plain old rusty stuff, there was something for everybody.

Amigas4all vintage fair things to do plate flowersAmigas4all vintage fair things to do vintage things Amigas4all vintage fair things to do buckets                                                                                    

I got great new connections for future blogs and inspiration for my future projects and posts. I had to really control myself not to buy everything (well, I wanted this wagonwheel for my bar decorating project-here). In the end it was a little too heavy for my ceiling (sniff).

amigas4all things to do AZ old wagon wheel metal

Well, this is just a sample of things you can do in Phoenix when vintage shopping. Believe me, I didn’t even scratch the surface.

Happy Shopping!

The cheapest precious stones in the world

12935391_1216389728391322_635496570_n 12939500_1216389731724655_1276542865_n

Looking at these pictures, what do you see? Precious or semi-precious gemstones, right?
Of course at first look that’s what you see. Nice, huh?
I love stones. I have a collection of them. But we all know they are very expensive. Especially if you like statement necklaces with big stones like I do.
Luckily, I have been blessed with a very talented and skillful mother who came up with a cool and cheap way to “make” gemstones. PET bottles! That’s right, good old plastic soda bottles!!!
How about that for recycle, reuse, repurpose?
What most people see as trash Brazilian artist Dulce Spina sees as potential art. She has been working with plastic bottles for many years and has created a variety of cool things using these bottles including her “gemstone” necklaces.
Lighter than real stones these accessories are modern and eco-friendly. She has created collections named after the zodiac signs. So far she has the following collections:


12939619_1216390478391247_510689294_n 12957208_1216390475057914_1409933000_n 12969332_1216390468391248_1256151703_n 12968797_1216390471724581_1760500307_n

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Are they cool or what?!
In addition, using the same method she has created gorgeous belly dancing accessories. We all know how expensive a belly dance costume can be. The beads alone are outrageously expensive and I’m not even including the cost of labor to make these costumes. So using alternative solutions like these PET bottles gemstones can really cut the cost of the final product.

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Join us next time when we show you how to make a statement necklace including some basic techniques that you can use to create your own art.

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