The cheapest precious stones in the world

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Looking at these pictures, what do you see? Precious or semi-precious gemstones, right?
Of course at first look that’s what you see. Nice, huh?
I love stones. I have a collection of them. But we all know they are very expensive. Especially if you like statement necklaces with big stones like I do.
Luckily, I have been blessed with a very talented and skillful mother who came up with a cool and cheap way to “make” gemstones. PET bottles! That’s right, good old plastic soda bottles!!!
How about that for recycle, reuse, repurpose?
What most people see as trash Brazilian artist Dulce Spina sees as potential art. She has been working with plastic bottles for many years and has created a variety of cool things using these bottles including her “gemstone” necklaces.
Lighter than real stones these accessories are modern and eco-friendly. She has created collections named after the zodiac signs. So far she has the following collections:


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Are they cool or what?!
In addition, using the same method she has created gorgeous belly dancing accessories. We all know how expensive a belly dance costume can be. The beads alone are outrageously expensive and I’m not even including the cost of labor to make these costumes. So using alternative solutions like these PET bottles gemstones can really cut the cost of the final product.

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Join us next time when we show you how to make a statement necklace including some basic techniques that you can use to create your own art.

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