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If This Was The Last Few Days of Your…..

If this was the last few day of your problems how would you see things? …. and I’m not amigas4all big picture angry princess sunsettalking here about the last days of your life or anything like that, rather just the last few days of those things that trouble you the most, work for example, or anything else that chronically hangs over your head. Would you go about with frenzied tunnel-vision regarding your current deadline or project? Or would you suddenly more easily be able to see the big picture?

Would your fears be compartmentalized rather than controlling you? Would you finally feel that you already achieved a satisfactory degree of your sought-after success and/or moneymigas4all todos santos big picture last days of trouble …i.e., enough that you would perceive your days going forward in a more ‘content’ way, to actually enjoy them? Would the heightened anxiety and blood pressure that you often walk around with ease up a bit? Indeed, how would you feel if this was the last few days of your troubles?

Would you really be able to feel it, feel the difference, your mind and your spirit relax, your foreboding and shifting fears dissipate? Could you feel something like the serenity of say, the Christmas season, with its magic as we knew it as a grade-school kid, or if Christmas has a less than wonderful connotation for you, perhaps the magic of the days as a child experiences them before the start of summer vacation?

amigas4all last days of trouble vacation

…..Why reach back that far? …because in our youth it seemed natural to snicker at the frantic pace and gravity we observed in adults, they seemed almost like they were in a different dimension, fretting and worrying about those things which seem, with a vengeance, to have become our default settings; a state of daily existence which deep down most of us are profoundly troubled by….

if so many of us did not already sense that we have taken a wrong turn with the way we lead life at some level we wouldn’t be thinking so much of how our fondest wish would be just to get away from it someday; we tell ourselves ‘a few more years of work, and I’ll cut back’, or ‘I’ll retire’, or ‘the kids will be through college’, or ‘the mortgage will be paid off’, or ‘we’ll finally pull the trigger on that vacation property’ or whatever other vision of respite or a better way that we pursue as our holy grail.

And yet we know this very morning, same as yesterday, that even as we try to think on this and put it into perspective, that our default setting, at least for today, remains today’s project or challenge, and by God, our system still needs to be on high alert and our blinders up to block the beauty of the world so that we can ‘concentrate on getting this done’. In knowing that we are still not feeling better despite our awareness of this bigger picture, we are tossing the hook to the top of the chasm hoping that it catches so we can climb out of the rat-race.

I’m sure there are a fortunate few who have already grasped their better way and love what they do and have no regrets, etc. But I am writing here for those of us that are in the trenches, the working men and women, trying to balance our responsibilities and survival with the spiritual big picture of our existence here. 

While the solution, the balance we seek, is probably on some spiritually enlightened level achievable ‘in the blink of an eye’ as they say, in reality it is a work in progress, a daily effort to reach out and remember to feel what’s truly important.

So this morning, as you are tempted to shut everything else out while you concentrate on completing your tasks, take a minute to reflect on the bigger picture, and feel it just for a moment, remind yourself that in many respects you have already ‘won’ and picture how you would feel and conduct the day if it was all going to end tomorrow.

Angry Princess, out!

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