Decorate a Bar With Primitive Mexican Painting DIY and Save a Bundle!

I love Primitive Mexican Painting. But they cost a lot of money. Even in non-touristy areas, it is hard to find a Primitive Mexican Painting that will not break the bank. At least in my book.

So I decided I was going to DIY my Primitive Mexican Painting! Or Paintings, since I can’t just have one!

But before we get into that I will tell you a little bit about the research that went into finding the art I wanted to make.

The research (ahem, “shopping”)

Amigas4all primitive mexican painting diy do it yourself diy living thrifty angelThe Primitive Mexican Painting you see in the pictures are not mine but inspirational pieces! Each would have cost over $150 per picture on the average.

Way too much since I wanted to add several in the bar I’m decorating with a Mexican/Day-of-the-Dead theme. I sure didn’t want to pay that much.

So I decided to use some of these ideas to create my own art. And you can certainly get inspired and try your own style.

You may even free hand it if you have the skills I sure don’t have! While I can do a little bit of everything in life I was never a painter. But this one is actually is easy even for the paint-challenged like me.

The Materials for a primitive MExican painting

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All you need is a photo of the art you like. PAmigas4all primitive mexican painting diy do it yourself diy living thrifty katrinarovided you are not selling copyrighted material you can certainly copy and modify it so it does not violate any laws or rights. Personal use only!

You will also need an old board, log, tray or rustic surface to create this art. Old windows or doors can also be used for a statement piece in a room or entryway!

These are so cool it will look like you traveled the world and brought some pieces with you.

Finally, you will need a good qualify acrylic paint (here’s where to get a kit) and a printer (black and white is just fine 

So first, start your research on the images you like to try. If you have traveled somewhere exotic you can also use those images. We will talk about the transfer process in the next post (but here is the link if you want to start now).

In the meantime, you can check what I have done so far with my bar decorating part 1decorating with bar stools part 2 and finalizing the bar stools part 3.

See you soon!

Let us know what you think!