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Belly Dance Tutorials #1

Do you want to learn the art of belly dancing? Are you already taking classes but want to learn new steps a little quicker?

Our new tutorials can help you improve your skills. Simply grab a nice and festive coin scarf (click on the link for some cool ones online) and start shimmying right now!

The Belly Dancing Room

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Find a room with a TV or use your tablet or phone to watch the videos carefully. Make sure your room of choice has a good floor that will not let you slip but also will allow you to spin.

There are many good belly dancing foot thongs (click on the link to get them online) that will allow you to dance safely and will also protect your feet.

Belly Dancing Tutorial amigas4all

If you have a mirror in the room it is even better. A mirror will allow you to see what you are doing and if you are doing it correctly.

You must also watch your arms too because you don’t want to look like an Octopus when you are dancing! Belly dancing arms require a lot of grace! It’s also a great work out for the arms since you have to hold it open on the side of your body quite a bit!

Belly Dancing Tutorial

This is the first video of 44 Tutorials. Be sure to look at each movement in all directions and you will be learning this first step in no time.

Watch this short belly dance tutorial and learn the Greek Step!

I hope you enjoyed it! I will see you in the next tutorial!

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