Learn how to use colors… Basic color theory

Belly Dancers are all the time looking for a new and modern outfit.

Sometimes it’s a hard work to do.

Do you know how to use the colors in your outfit? What do you want to express with your outfit?
Read this blog and understand better how to use the colors in your next outfit:

Time to choose a new costume ! What color should you choose? Contrasting ? Soft ? Opposites ? For don’t make mistakes and overlays colors check table and essential tips shades :

The colors close to each other are considered analogous or similar ( have the same basic color) .

The colors on opposite sides ( facing each other) are  called complementary .

Contrasting colors are those having between them three different colors. Ex: (blue and yellow).

Look this outfit with contrasting colors. (Belly Dancer Saida from Argentina):


And Maria Sokolova (Belly Dancer from USA/ Russia):

Opposite colors:
Maria Sokolova


One more option are the neon colors:
Bright colors and florescent. Most neon colors should  glow special under black lights:


Look this outfit (Belly Dancer Marta Korzun from Ukraine )


Now are you ready to start your new outfit project?



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