easter dragon eggs

Easter is coming…  Are you ready for Dragons Eggs?

There are a lot different traditions about Easter. It’s a religious holiday for many people, but for commerce it’s time to sell chocolate.  Chocolate? Yes, chocolate eggs can be traditional too.

chocolate easter eggs

Take Brazil for example: one month before Easter all groceries stores are full of different varieties of chocolate eggs. Every year manufactures come up with something new and exciting like white chocolate, nuts and chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and the favorite eggs you can eat with a spoon!

You can fill it with nuts, fruits, and a lot chocolate, even flan or chocolate mousse. But you will need a spoon to eat it and it is for sure an amazing and fancy dessert. The tradition is to share these eggs on Easter Sunday.

A perfect moment, and a perfect excuse for the chocoholics.

easter dragon eggs

But there is other old tradition about Easter: Painted eggs!

This is another creative way to celebrate Easter. Especially if you are not a big fan of chocolate or if you want to decorate the house with them.

When I was in Germany two years ago I saw eggs on trees. It reminded me of Christmas Trees. There were chocolates eggs too but not like the ones in Brazil.

Celebrating Easter-With Dragon Eggs!

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This year, to celebrate Easter I decided I was going to paint eggs too.  I called them Dragon Eggs because I made them from goose eggs. I know they are not dragons but don’t geese look like dinosaurs?!

Goose eggs are probably three or four times bigger than chicken eggs. You can use your imagination and create different kinds of eggs. In this case I chose to use the same style of decorations but different colors. 

If you are ready to make yours and add glitter, beads or any type of bedazzling you like. If you are out of ideas follow the pictures and you can easily see all the steps I used to make my collection.

Start by cleaning the eggs inside and out. Goose eggs are pretty hard to break so you will need to close the hole with tape and paint over it.

easter dragon eggs

These eggs were painted with acrylic paint in jewel tones (here’s a good acrylic kit) but you can certainly use Easter colors like pastel pink,  blue, pink and yellow.

easter dragon eggs painted

Here are the bedazzled Dragon Eggs!

bedazzled easter dragon eggs

I put mine in a trunk with some leaves for a Dragon Eggs effect!

easter dragon eggs presentation

Happy Easter!

Let us know what you think!