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How to Get an Awesome Laundry Room With Paint

Laundry Room painted. Case closed!


For the DIYers out there, it’s probably very clear that paint can do magical things to just about anything. But if you never tackled a paint job it can be scary. Some wonder: Can I even do that? Yes, you can! Everyone can.

The best way to start if you never painted any room is to start with a little project first. Even if it’s painting a cardboard box just to get the hang of it.

But once you do: Oh! So fun to see the results. 

This is the story of how I completely transformed my laundry room using nothing but paint!

My Boring Laundry room

Here’s my before pics of my laundry room:

amigas4all-laundry room-redo-before


When I bought this house the previous owner had some nice things installed in the laundry room.

They put in a white marble counter top (not the best choice for a laundry room but still fancy). They also had new(ish) white cabinets (they really needed some cleaning and adding a few shelves in the broom closet).

As you can see it is a festival of white on white plus white appliances. It all so blended that despite having these nice features the room was just BLAH.



Ok, I admit that the sink is more like “brown” but it’s because my husband put the coffeemaker in the laundry room (long story and why I think marble is a bad choice), and he can’t seem to be able turn on the faucet to wash out the grounds. Argh! 

No worries, I will work on that too

The first thing I needed to do was to find the right color for the laundry room. I thought yellow would be a cute choice but my kitchen already had some yellow there. Plus the bamboo floor in that room was already yellowish (it has since been replaced thanks to “the flood of 2015!” LOL).

And I also didn’t want the room to be an extension of the kitchen but its own little world.

Most of the rooms in my house have their own color. And the only beige wall is still beige only because it’s in a spot I can’t reach (we have a 20 ft ceiling in the foyer). I’m afraid of heights and don’t trust the husband with a brush (I still love him. He buys me tools! HA!). So it’s still there is all its beige glory!

So when it was time to paint the laundry room I wanted it to be a pop of color and that matched something in the room. Since matching the floor was out I chose to match the wall with the gray veins in the marble counter top.


Gray is my new best friend

Yes, gray is the new beige. I’m not a fan of beige but yes, I can live with gray!

And since I was planning to redo the bathroom right next to the laundry room in gray (also thanks to the flood of 2015), I decided for a slightly darker gray for the wall.

Here’s is the laundry room with its new gray wall:




amigas4all-landry-room redo-after

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Paint is all I did. Some gray paint and POP! I can finally see my white cabinets!

Now it looks like a nice room with a nice counter top and new(ish) cabinets. I did repaint the broom closet since it was not a match cabinet from the other cabinets and the built-in was also not from the same system.

Oh, and I did use some elbow grease to restore that sink (I could not find a reasonably priced one that matched the size of that cabinet). Plus elbow grease is free and it did look brand new….until the next pot of coffee! Sigh.

I’m still day dreaming about a cool backsplash to give it an extra pop of color. For now a shelf with a cute sign (←here’s some other cool ones online) and a sweet little bird will do.


I hope you liked this project. Find a small room to start if you are a little hesitant. A powder room is small enough or a coat closet if you want to start with something really REALLY small.

Happy Painting!


Let us know what you think!