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A Surprising Tool to Help Restore you Daily Equilibrium: …Microseconds!

Most of us are super busy. The world is super busy, and more and more things these days happen at an accelerated rate that would astonish our forebears, some even say our very molecules are speeding up, taking us as a species to the next evolution. Computers, mobile phones, instant-connectedness in real-time.

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All very amazing, …but how do you cope, how do you set your equilibrium each day to deal with another flurry of decisions, tasks and activity, while keeping your bearings? Well that’s certainly a challenge, and not an easy one, and it’s assuredly the case that a great many of us don’t do a great job of it, and may also feel like we are treading water when it comes to keeping a healthy mental and spiritual balance and remembering what is important about why we are here and that sort of thing.

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The point is that it’s a fast world, and it’s getting faster, so how do we keep our bearings? ………..Think microseconds! More precisely, think in microseconds. ….Ok, what the heck does that mean? To start, the principle is actually not a new one; ancient text in Hinduism tells us of spiritual ‘Enlightenment’ (‘Nirvana’ in Buddhism) that people often spend years or a lifetime trying to achieve, and goes into quite a bit of detail on instructing us toward surmounting the many obstacles to achieving an ‘enlightened’ state, yet these kind of teachings also have told us in a nutshell that enlightenment is actually attainable in the blink of an eye; in other words, the requisite state of mind for achieving it is already there if we would just recognize and embrace it [Eastern religion enthusiasts, don’t skewer me here, I’m referencing a general concept].

Thus we have then some historical perspective to ‘thinking in microseconds’, ….but what else? Well here’s one example: It seems there are a few moments when we first awaken to each new day, and unless you’re snapping-to each morning to a bugle in the barracks with Sarge yelling at you to assemble, you probably have at least a couple of minutes after hitting the snooze button on your alarm where you are just lying there.

amigas4all microseconds my beach angry princessSo there you are, and you’re probably fresh off your dream thoughts, that state of mind (some call it the ‘hypnagogic state’), whatever you call it, where the weight of the coming day has not yet hit you. ……Reserve that couple of minutes for yourself; whatever crap may be coming your way that day and even in the next couple of minutes, claim that first minute or so for yourself, and identify at least that microsecond or instant, for one thing because maybe an instant is as long as it lasts for you on that morning, wherein you have a flash of remembrance of yourself and your purpose, and what’s truly important, even if that realization is quickly inundated by the waves of responsibility that are about to wash over you; but realize that even that daily swift fading of your inspiration tells you something remarkable; the very fact that you do feel frustrated that ‘nirvana’ this morning was seemingly just another transient flash, means that you do have that awareness of what is real and you are still striving for it deep down; that it’s absence is at all troubling to you, is actually a good sign.

But how do you capture more of it? … Well that’s a mystery of life and one of the challenges of your being here and seemingly alamigas4all microseconds capture the moment angry princessso a growing challenge for us as a species, and there should be satisfaction in your knowing that you are trying to work that out, and that with practice will probably get better at it. There are other moments in the day or week that will also undoubtably be inspiring, after all hope springs eternal. But also reflect on this, because it really is remarkable: by being here, you are a warrior in a remarkable time in our evolution, …we all are: there is a quickening, and I think we all sense it on some level, there are clues that time-space as we perceive it may be changing, we are all experiencing it, it’s ‘in our face’ so to speak in this dizzily accelerating world, some say we are evolving toward a different perception of time, and ‘time’ has been a concept which for eons has been perceived by the greatest spiritual and scientific minds as involving some level of illusion vis a vis our limited perception.

The microsecoamigas4all peace microseconds angry princessnd (‘the instant’) is maybe the smallest measure of our sense of the time-line. Remember that the concept of “In the blink of an eye” conveys to us that the goal was always there or is instantly attainable, all of which seems to shortcut your laborious progression along a time-line toward that goal. So when you capture that instant as you lay there each morning, I believe maybe you have captured much more: a step or steps toward the ‘timelessness’, that, beyond just delivering us from our frenetic selves, may be instrumental in embracing our evolving selves.

Angry Princess, out!

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