DIY Gift Tags

Oops! I forgot to buy gift tags. Now What do I do?

That’s right! I forgot to buy gift tags and I had to wrap all these presents to be shipped the next day. Somehow, I lost the ones I always have stashed in my gift wrap closet and it was close to 11pm. There was no way I was going to drive to the pharmacy to buy labels at that hour. 

Well, I had to get creative and quick. So I decided to make my own labels!

I wanted them to look classy and whimsical (I know, very demanding considering my late start). Since I love to DIY and even more to recycle and reuse materials for unexpected purposes (like my Christmas angels made with mattress springs, for example), I chose to use materials I had at home to make my gift tags.

Here’s what I used to make my DIY gift tags:

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My Diy Gift Tags

First, decide what size and shape you want your tags to be. I chose rectangular at about 2 1/2in long and 1 1/4in wide.

Image of craft paper diy gift tag

image of paper cutter diy gift tag amigas

Since I had a paper cutter on hand, I used it to cut my labels. But you can certainly improvise with a ruler to make them perfectly straight.

After cutting the number of tags I needed, I punched a hole on each tag to run the twine through.

mage of hole punch gift tags

image of gift tags with holes

Each twine was cut at about 5 inches long.

image of twine gift tags

Now it was time to select my designs for each tag. A lot of the designs were a little too big for my selected tag size. So I decided to go with it and selected odd parts of each design to glue onto each tag. Like this stocking for example.

image of gift wrap stocking gift tags

Or this snowflake.

image of gift wrap snowflake gift tags

Once I glued each design on each tag I just tied a little knot on the twine and voila! Gift wrap gift tags!

image of gift tags horizontal

It took me no more than 20 mins to make these. Don’t they look adorable? Oh, I used a silver pen to write “to/from” on the tags but a good old Sharpie is just fine too. 

I hope this project will inspire you to recycle some of your gift wraps. I hate to see all this paper gone in less than 5 seconds when people open their presents. So if I see that they are in good shape I save them for projects like these (and no, I’m not a hoarder! I promise!).

Until next time!

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