Stamp Tutorial


  • Your design printed on copy paper (you may need to create more than one stamp if your design has more than one print or color like mine).
  • EVA Foam (aka craft foam)
  • Tacky Glue
  • X-acto knife or scissors
  • A base for your stamp (in my case I used a tile of the same size as the tile I was stamping. You can use wood, cardboard or anything solid).

Measure and cut 3 pieces of the foam in the shape of your wood or tile base. Mine were squares in the same size of the tile.

Glue one of the pieces to the wood/tile base with tacky glue (ignore the design for now. I forgot to take a picture of the base only).

faux cement tile foam base

Take another one of the pieces and place it under your printed design (on paper). Carefully cut your first design with the X-acto knife by countouring the design and cutting into the foam.

faux cement tile project design creating stamp

In this case I printed two copies of the design. One copy for the black design and another for the gray. In the design shown above you will have a stylized square and on another a four point star.

Once your designs are cut (they will be very thin as they are just thick lines now), glue your cut design onto the foam base with tacky glue. Like these:


faux cement tile project stamp design image

See? Easy!

You are ready to stamp away!

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