Day of the Dead Freebie

Thank you for reading our blog. I hope you enjoyed our post about the Day of the Dead headband. As a thank you for being our Amiga,we are giving you this nifty Day of the Dead make up template so you can complete your costume. Simply click on the link (Day of the Dead Make up Template) and print the page. 

Next Step in the process

Cut each area separately (like the eyes and the forehead and chin designs) so you can match the size of your face to the design.

Before applying the design, make sure to apply a very pale if not white Halloween make up as your base or foundation. If you don’t have white Halloween make up you can apply some lighter color pressed powder or use a shimmer for a more paler complexion. Apply make up all the way down to your chest. 

The next step is applying some black shadowing under the cheek bone so you can add a “skeletal” look to the make up. Also apply black shadowy lines from below your neck to your chest to make it look like your clavicle and top of your rib cage.

Applying the template

Now that your base is prepared and the design is separated on paper. Use a very soft eye liner pencil like Kajal and trace each design on the paper.

Start with the eyes, then move on to the other areas like the chin and forehead designs.

After tracing the design, apply the design on to the skin like a tattoo. Don’t press too hard or it will smudge. This is just a template so you can follow the lines and draw on your skin.

Now you have the designed “tattooed” on to the skin, you can use eyeliners or even Halloween make up to add color to each area. You can also add more tear drops or dots if you like. I hope you enjoy this freebie and please send me pictures of your full costume! I would love to see how you did!